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Laughs O Lot
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Nov 14, 2009
Nov 4, 2008
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student and soon to be babysitter

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Laughs O Lot


Laughs O Lot was last seen:
Nov 14, 2009
    1. Laughs O Lot
      Laughs O Lot
      Does posting on social groups count as posting?
    2. shelbers91
      If you remember we were talking about my Cockatiel, wich it a BIRD in the PARROT family haha i know how to tell crabs sexes too, but you said you liked Hector, my cockatiels explosion picture lol your silly ;)
    3. shelbers91
      lol thanks! though actually Hector is a he haha, it's ok though, males have yellow crests, and females have gray crests with barred tails. Though when theyre little you never know, like with one of my budgies, Buster, is actually a she lol How are you doing?
    4. Laughs O Lot
      Laughs O Lot
      I'm bumping this up to the top so it's easy to see. :)
      1 Hi, I'm New Here! 0
      2 "Never Molted" 30
      3 (Micro Crab) 60
      4 "Preparing For First Molt" 120
      5 "First Molt In Progress" 150
      6 "First Molt, A Success" 200
      7 (Small Crab) 250
      8 "Preparing For Second Molt" 350
      9 "Second Molt In Progress" 450
      10 "Second Molt, A Success" 500
      11 (Medium Crab) 600
      12 "Preparing For Third Molt" 750
      13 "Third Molt In Progress" 850
      14 "Third Molt, A Success" 900
      15 (Large Crab) 1000
      16 "Preparing For Fourth Molt" 1250
      17 "Fourth Molt In Progress" 1350
      18 "Fourth Molt, A Success" 1450
      19 (JUMBO CRAB) 1550
      20 "Email For Custom Title" 1850

      Omg I'm almost a jumbo!! :D
    5. cloie74
      Thanks! I think they are all OK now, 2 died in 2 days but they were not really stong since we got them a few weeks ago, everyone in the tank now (7) are very active and stuff so I hope we are done with the dying. I do have one burried right now, m first molter i think...i'm real nervous about that. Thanks for the friend add!
    6. Hermies4Ever
      I posted a pic of a coconut crab on Hermies4Ever: my social group. . . Not many pics on Animal Lovers yet. . .
    7. NitaRocks!
      No, but I went to Valleyfair.
    8. NitaRocks!
      Yeah. Uuuuuupppp, DOWN! Uuuuuuuuupppp, DOWN!
    9. NitaRocks!
      Hehe. It was awesome. I went on Tower of Terror 2 times!
    10. NitaRocks!
      Tons 'o fun! I was in Disneyworld, so no.
    11. NitaRocks!
      Hi! Good. I just got back from FL yesterday!
    12. Laughs O Lot
      Laughs O Lot
      That is so cool! I'll do it when I have more time... and pictures!
      Thanks for your help! :D
    13. shelbers91
      Thanks!, you arn't aloud to have animated things on here i guess, thats why theres a link, but download photoscape. its free, and i made the I Love My Hermies part and the gradient frame and added the names in the editor part, saved them, then closed the program, re opened it, and used the animated .gif part, and just aded hem in the order i wanted them to go, its bedt to youse your I Love My Hermies first, so you can add extra crabbies later! ;) if that sounds to hard i can do it for you lolz
    14. shelbers91
      oh ok cool! yea its your profile pic! sorrty for the delay, i was watching Lyla lol my crabs are im my siggie link :)
    15. Hermies4Ever
      Cool!!! I LOVE coconuts!!! (Off topic.)
    16. Laughs O Lot
      Laughs O Lot
      Playsand and cocofiber! I used to be 50/50 but then I put in more playsand, and some of it got mixed, so now it's like 50%playsand and 50%playsand cocofiber mix! lol :D
    17. shelbers91
      I am good thanks! How about yourself? do you have an avitar? i am like super happy about hermies molt! ans lyla and i are getting to know each other more that she stopped trying to pinch! bruce dug under the substrait as well, so i wont be able to handle him for a while. especially if he molts. But i am getting more and more attatched every day!
    18. Hermies4Ever
      Coconut fiber. . . LOL: It's the best!!! What substrate do you use???
    19. Hermies4Ever
      Just went to the pet store to purchase some new substrate, and coconut treats for my hermies. . .:):):)
    20. Hermies4Ever
      YW!!! So, what up???
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  • About

    student and soon to be babysitter
    How long have you been crabbing?:
    a few years
    How many crabs do you have?:
    4- and they're the best!
    Whatsize crabitat do you have?:
    20 gallon and 10gallon ISO
    What Is Your Favorite Species, If Any Favorite?::
    I love all of them! But I only have Purple Pinchers so that is my favorite species for now.
    How Often Do You Visit www.HermitCrabsRus.com::
    almost every day
    How You Heard About HermitCrabsRus.com?::
    Googly-poogly (Google)
    I'm a crazy, weird girl and I love my beautiful hermit crabs: Sherbert, Crusty, Lou-Lou, and Buddy!

    hermit crabs, reading, friends, karate, swimming, track, laughing, writing, drawing, music, and more


    RIP: Sandy-tan, Sunshine, Princess, Honey, Sky, and Ocean! I miss you!