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Hermie's rule
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Nov 7, 2009
Feb 24, 2007
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Hermie's rule

"Second Molt In Progress", from In front of the crabitat! :)

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Nov 7, 2009
    1. Hermies4Ever
      Nice avatar!!!
    2. Hermies4Ever
      Why did Crabbyjo get suspended???
    3. Hermies4Ever
      Hi HR!!! Glad you're on. . .
    4. Hermies4Ever
      I joined your social group!!!
    5. Hermies4Ever
      Hi, Hermie's rule, will you join my social group: Hermies4Ever???
    6. Laughs O Lot
      Laughs O Lot
      There are other magical creatures like elves and dwarfs.
    7. Laughs O Lot
      Laughs O Lot
      Wow I forgot the main aspect of the book! Eragon is a Dragon Rider, which means that he can perform spells. To use magic, he has to be knowledgeable in the ancient language. He also must learn sword fighting. Theres a billion times more to it, but I would have to write a whole essay just to summarize the beginning of the first book!
    8. Laughs O Lot
      Laughs O Lot
      Lol! Thanks! I guess I read so much that now my hermit crabs are in the habit! They are on Brisingr, a book in the Inheritance cycle (the first book is Eragon). Did you read the pages they were on? I think the pic is big enough where you can actually read it! The series is about a farmer boy who discovers a dragon egg and it changes his whole life! Eragon and Saphira (the dragon) go on many thrilling adventures together. If you like fantasy books, you'll love this! Some parts could be violent though. It's an awesome series! :D
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    In front of the crabitat! :)
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    10 gallon
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    Christian, Parent of three crabs ;)

    reading, crabs, helping others


    My three now-adopted hermies: Proffessor, Wiggles, Sandy :D ;)

    RIP: Carrots, Wink, Gentle Giant (GG), Tidbit, Nibbles, Spike! :)