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Zodiac-A poll just for fun

Discussion in 'The Sand Castle Lounge' started by CrabbyChris22, Jan 25, 2006.


Of the crab owners here, who falls under the Zodiac sign of Cancer the Crab?

  1. Yep, I'm a Crab

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  2. No, but I'm a...(please share your sign)

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  1. jugger

    jugger "Preparing For Third Molt"

    Dec 29, 2005
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    Libra's RULE!

  2. Anubis

    Anubis Guest

    Thank ya jugger!
  3. im tauras
  4. Me too!   :eek:ccasion18:  I checked the calandar (and added my bday) and I was born the day before you, Vicki! 

    I suppose that one fits me...I keep aquariums as well as crabs
  5. Shadow

    Shadow Guest

    No... I'm a Taurus. (I think? I dunno much about the Zodiac or astrology (um it is astrology yes? LOL))
  6. kellie_1324

    kellie_1324 Guest

    Scorpio here too! Rock on Kerie! :hello2: My hubby is a pisces, and we made a lil Virgo. :icon_thumleft:

    When is the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp? I never really thought about it before...my bday is Nov. 19.
  7. crystyle

    crystyle Guest

    My poor hubby is a Virgo who has to deal with me (Taurus-Gemini) and our daughter who is a Taurus. As long as this baby isn't early he should be a Pisces which would be a nice addition.
  8. crystyle

    crystyle Guest

    For those who are interested, the cusps are:

    Pisces-Aries March 19-24
    Aries-Taurus April 19-24
    Taurus-Gemini May19-24
    Gemini-Cancer June 19-24
    Cancer-Leo July19-25
    Leo-Virgo August 19-25
    Virgo-Libra September 19-24
    Libra-Scorpio October 19-25
    Scorpio-Sagittarius November 19-24
    Sagittarius-Capricorn December 19-25
    Capricorn-Aquarius January 17-22
    Aquarius-Pisces February 16-22
  9. kellie_1324

    kellie_1324 Guest

    Whoa-ho! So I'm a cusp too! Tell me about myself, Crystal....lol Only part of a Scorpio make sense for me...maybe Sagittarius tells the rest of my story? LOL
  10. Amie91280

    Amie91280 "Preparing For Fourth Molt"

    Dec 20, 2005
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    I appear to be a full blown Virgo! September 12th. I fit most of the traits I've heard about it too...lol
  11. polarrain67

    polarrain67 Guest

    How do I say politely. There are no cusps. In astrology everything is actually mathematical, to the second, as far as time goes. I'm going to try to make this easy to understand, becasue it's technically not easy. Ok here goes.... there is no cusp because.. when a person is born.... is either one sign or the other. The switch from one sign to another is mathematically exact and there is no ( what we call grey area or time ). Each year the cut off from one sign to another changes. it's all based on time, seasons, leap year, and such things.It's not always from the 20th to the 21st for example. True Astrology, the way it was meant to be, passed down from the ancient astrologers like Galileo ( who was a master mathematician ), is purely mathematical readings of the planets around the earth at a specific time of day or night. Each sign has characteristics that coincide with a persons personality.. its all based on the exact time of birth, location or birth, and date, it even goes to the exact second, because as the planets move around the sky, they are never in the same place... second to second... Astrology pretty much breaks down minute to minute. So if you were born at 11:59 and 59 seconds on the 21st of the month for example.. you are one sign.. if you are born at 12:00 midnight .. you are the other sign... no exceptions mathematically. Does that make sense.
    In history the idea of cusps was made for entertainment purposes, it sells books, makes people ask more questions, have more interest in something other than the truth. I mean face it.. who wants to know the mathematical equation that determines a persons sun sign???
    I do not mean to burst anyones bubble, and I in now way mean to be rude. I have practiced and learned, taught, and continue to learn Astrology from a very gifted teacher who teaches the original philosphy of real Astrology, not commercial astrology. If a person wants to know something, I want them to know the truth.....the ethical truth that they are entitled to. i don't want to blow smoke up their butts, thats why I teach and talk about how to assess each individuals charts... that is not like anyone else's.. unless of course you are twins removed from the womb at the exact same time.
    i have twins born 2 minutes apart and they are both gemini, but still have slightly mathematicall different charts.. which causes a different interpretation.

    The Zodiac is in fact Fixed. The Zodiac or Ecliptic (the physical path of the Planets around the Sun) is NOT Moving. The stars and space are sitting there and the Planets are moving through the stars and space around the Sun. Rather than being a philosophical matter this is plain old-fashioned Physical Astronomical Reality.
    If you have any questions, ask me. I also have the email address of a very gifted Astrologer..... way more than myself if you have any questions.
  12. MAD

    MAD "PM Jason For Custom Title"

    Jan 26, 2006
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    My turn to say something as politely as I can: you are wrong

    I am an Earth Horse, as well as an Aries Ram. (March 23, 1978)

    They have made several charts about east meets west mixes on the zodiacs

    Stop peeing in the "cusps" wheaties, this is a just for fun post anyway.  No-one likes an know-it-all.
    (you dont want to end up hated like me do you? lmao......) 

    Sun in Aries

    (March 21 – April 20)


    Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so a horse born under this sun sign likes to be first and is a natural leader. Aries is a cardinal fire sign and is ruled by the planet Mars. The Aries-sun horse is therefore extremely energetic by nature, as well as competitive and decisive. This horse shines when it is given challenges, as it needs to test itself in competition. Whilst an Aries horse needs to be given space mentally and emotionally within the partnership to take some initiatives, you do need to teach this horse to think before it acts. The Aries-sun horse's impulsiveness can otherwise lead it into difficulties! The Aries horse also needs physical space to do its own thing each day, as it is such a bundle of energy and loves to be busy and active. It needs to run free in a field and challenge itself against other horses by playing dominance games and testing its physical strength. As Aries rules the head, this horse may have something about the head, which attracts attention. For this reason, many Aries-sun horses have a noticeable feature or a cut or scar somewhere on the head. The Aries horse may also be prone to bumping or hitting its head!

    Thats me, a ram hits everything with its head.  Few problems cant be solved that way =P
  13. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    Sagittarius the archer
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