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Win 4oz. of Fruity Crabbie Granola

Discussion in 'Foods, Treats & Home Recipes.' started by ZanZan, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. ZanZan

    ZanZan (Micro Crab)

    Dec 5, 2006
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    Hello Crabbers,

    I'm making a contest for my site, but this is not about my site. It just takes place there. It's something fun to do for crabbers. I'm looking for a "Top Crab" as my front page cover model. Top Crab needs to have great natural beauty and great personality, other than just "cute". We cannot tell you exactly what we're looking for in your crab, but if you think your crab got what it takes and you really believe your crab is a Top Crab, Go for it! If your crab win, your crab get front page cover and free prizes or if your crab didn't make it to the top there always a second round.

    Rules do apply but they're easy to follow, 1 crab per owner, cannot use someone else's crab picture, crab must be in natural shell.

    If Admin or Moderator read this, and you want to put it as your site contest too, feel free to PM me about it. I will put sponsor by Hermit Crabs -R- us ^-^

    How to Enter:

    Email us at sales@beautyshells.com with you and your hermit crab's information, subject can be CoverCrab of 2007:
    Your Name:
    Your E-mail:
    Your Hermit Crab's name:
    Your Hermit Crab's Favorite Food:
    Your Hermit Crab's Favorite Spot to Hang out:
    1 Thing your Hermit Crab like:
    1 Thing your Hermit Crab Dislike:
    Describe your Hermit Crab:

    IMPORTANT: Attach a picture no bigger than 640 x 480 pixel of your hermit crab.

    Prize for Winner of CoverCrab 2007:
    Ingredients: Rolled Oats, Cane Juice, Pure Maple Syrup, Honey, Millet, Rice, Bananas, Wild Blueberries, Canola Oil.

    Contest ends on Feb 28th 2007.

    To read FULL details please go to site: BeautyShells - A seashells home business
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