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Why to use distilled instead of dechlorinated

Discussion in 'Discussions, Theories and Trial Ideas' started by emmac350, Jul 13, 2010.

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    A new article about a study done at the University of Portsmouth has found that antidepressants in the water make shrimp suicidal - they are more likely to swim TOWARD lights as opposed to away from them like they should.

    Shrimp exposed to fluoxetine were five times more likely to swim towards light than away from it. That's dangerous because they would be more likely to be caught than escape, putting their populations at risk from over-fishing. In the study, the scientists only exposed the shrimp to the level of fluoxetine that would be excreted by people into the water supply and not taken out by traditional wastewater treatment methods. The study also notes at the end that there are many drugs that alter our brains the same way as fluoxetine that were not tested and would most likely have the same effect on the shrimp.

    Why I titled this topic what I did: dechlorinator removes chlorine and, for a few brand, a few other minerals added to water. They do not remove pharmaceuticals from water, and neither does the wastewater treatment in the US. Distilling water can remove at least some of those pollutants as distilling water (boiling it and letting the steam cool in another container) leaves some of them behind in the old container because they aren't caught necessarily in the steam.

    Article found at http://io9.com/5584563/antidepressants-in-the-water-are-making-shrimp-suicidal and a link to the study is in the article.

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