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What do you think? Two days under and then this claw...LOOKEE

Discussion in 'Molting.' started by erksh, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. kgbenson

    kgbenson (Micro Crab)

    Nov 7, 2007
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    Don't get me wrong - I think ingested precursors play a significant role in overall coloring, but I also think that there is probably other things at play. The animals physiologic state, their exposure to light, both visible and UV, where they are in their molt cycle, genetics etc.

    I think thought that many people use a change in color intensity as a sign of a molt - and it may not be the case in many instances.

    At this point, all of my PPs are turning purple (crabs who used to just be red/pink are now deep red with purple all over both claws and legs; I do have two who are younger who haven't gotten the red yet, but are pink with the deep purple)

    That is exciting. I was talking to a guy who manufactures exotic animal feeds and they use a variety of pigments in their flamingo ration. Many other flamingo foods contain only one - and it can skew their color to the orange side. I was wondering what pigments might contribute to different color outcomes. His group uses several in combination to achieve a more normal pigmentation. He was reluctant to get into details as this is a proprietary mix. I am glad to hear that the that the Astaxanthin seems to be improving the purples.

    Nice colors.

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