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~~~ Unbelievably LUCKY!!! ~~~

Discussion in 'Say Cheese' started by *Kathy*, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. *Kathy*

    *Kathy* Guest

    For those of you that have been following my Indo rescue from Petco, I have unbelievable news!!!

    When I found "Lucky" on Sunday, he was newly molted, almost pure white color, and he was sitting with his exo. I told the girl at Petco that he would not survive in the tank, so she was going to put him in a KK in the back. I begged her to please let me have him.....it looked like he didn't have ANY legs, and his BP was jutting out at a weird angle. I knew that if I left him there, he would surely die.

    Then a few days ago, I was extremely pleased to see that he had at least a couple of legs. That could mean survival, right?

    Here is his pictures taken 2 days ago. He had started to harden & darken up a little bit:
    [img width=300 height=247]http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l22/glass_slipper917/Indos/ZZ_022607017.jpg[/img]

    [img width=300 height=250]http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l22/glass_slipper917/Indos/ZZ_022607019.jpg[/img]

    And in only 2 DAYS ~ This is Lucky NOW!!!!
    [img width=300 height=251]http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l22/glass_slipper917/Indos/ZZ_030107004.jpg[/img]

    [img width=300 height=236]http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l22/glass_slipper917/Indos/ZZ_030107001.jpg[/img]

    What a little survivor this guy is! In less than a week after his molt, he is prancing around the ISO tank, eating & drinking like nothing had ever happened! I am SOOOOO proud of him! He will be introduced to the main tank tomorrow, because he is literally climbing the walls of the ISO tank! :lol: Thank you all for your well wishes!!! This crabbie is surely blessed!
  2. shmama

    shmama Guest

    :thumbsup: :dance2: :dancin:
    That is SOOO COOL! Let us know how he does. I am patiently waiting for my Minky to show up again (I think he's a ruggie- he came with one of his back large legs gone & squished into a tiny painted shell!). My hubby got him & Hazlenut (my smallest straw) for me for my B-day about 3 wks ago. He paid extra for "FANCY" shells that were all decorated with what looked like fabric paint! (they are both currently down, but at least I saw Hazle when she popped up about a week ago to eat & she was in a nice mop shell, so I removed the painted one), but Minky changed back to his painted shell after a quick tryon, then went under. I hope he is molting & will be o.k. He is good sized & was getting around pretty well before he dug in so hopefully... :Good-Luck: Anyway Good luck with Lucky.
    All the Best, Diane (shmama)
  3. vckums

    vckums Moderator

    Dec 20, 2005
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    WOW!!! What a total difference!!!! Keep the good work going! You are doing perfectly :petals:
  4. Crabaddict

    Crabaddict Guest

    OMG!!! That is wonderful! :thumbsup:

    HERMEZ Moderator

    Dec 22, 2005
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    He looks great!! :petals:
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