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something funny and something horrifying

Discussion in 'General questions about care.' started by brenmc03, May 15, 2009.

  1. brenmc03

    brenmc03 Hi, I'm New Here!

    May 13, 2009
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    I think my 3 yr old is an addict to hermit crabs LOL I guess all the painted shells are a real attraction for her when we are at the store  -I almost ended up with a couple more crabs today - she saw quite a few of them while traveling around from Petsmart to Petsmart on a shell hunt to find LARGER than Petsmart Large shells (which we happen to find a few - ppl were lookin at me weird cause I sat on the floor and demolished their case with the Non Painted shells with a ruler in hand lol) well my daughter Lexie saw several of the painted shells that she absolutely loves - one had scooby doo and that was the biggest fight to get out of that store without that crab - I ended up dragging her out of that petsmart ...There was also a mermaid one that she loved and quite a few others!!! My husband woulda killed me LOL...  (we ended up going to 2 craft stores and 3 petsmarts)

    Lexie is also the one who has named the crabs LOL Crabbie - he pinched me while I was inspecting him down at the shore she said he was being crabby (i still have a slight bruise from that pinch and my hand was flat!!! ) - Hermie - because he was active at the store but hides alot here at home - and then her personal crab - Bear Crab - due to the bear that was painted on his previous shell (which I have tossed all painted shells except Hermie's since he refuses to switch to any shell that I put in there he wont even inspect any)

    Now why I ended up on a shell hunt - I went to tidy up their tank this morning, when I lifted the hermie hut to find Crabbie having a death grib on Bear while Bear was curled up inside the shell (I 'm guessing Crabbie wanted Bear's shell) the only way I could get Crabbie to release was by spritzing him with some declorinated water... which I then immediately stuck him into the critter carrier with the few shells he would fit (he sulked and went to the corner - obviously none were good enough for him lol) so Lexie and I went on the hunt for shells that would fit Crabbie and came home with a 3 to fit crabbie, 3 that would fit Hermie and 3 that would fit Bear (who happened to be in a shell that was too big for him)... Bear and Crabbie instantly started trying on shells and each found one of the new ones that they liked .... Crabbie is now back in the main tank but Bear avoids him as if he were the plague....Hermie still has no interest in any other shell but his own painted shell :dontknow:

    -------- Thanks for all the info on the site - its helped out a great deal!!!!

    I'm still trying to figure out why I'm going through so much declorinated salt water - these guys soak in it, drink it etc ...they have plenty of fresh declorinated water but the most they do with that is take a sip here n there and throwing sand in it.... I just dunno whats up with that... Maybe its because they may have been deprived of salt water at the pet stores and shore???

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