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Size of hermits

Discussion in 'The Sand Castle Lounge' started by momof2hermi_bashfull, Sep 23, 2008.

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  1. momof2hermi_bashfull

    momof2hermi_bashfull "First Molt In Progress"

    Sep 4, 2008
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    I have 6 pp's now Hermie, Bashfull, Crabby and Speedy are about the size of maybe a quarter (including their shell, not in regard to their BP).

    Rainbow is about a size of a nickle

    and Itty Bitty is smaller than a dime, these are all aprroximates as I haven't actually physically measure or compared them next to the coins; but judging by eye is what they compare to.

    How can I tell if they are micro? small or medium crabs.

    Also how can I judge or buy shells that will fit these guys. As I have ordered shells since the beginning of crabbing and I seem to have a hard time in finding the right match or shell size in comparison to the crabs. Now, because of all my miss purchases, I have quite an assortment, so these guys are covered in regards to changing shells, but I am trying to figure an easier or more pratical if not a weeee cheaper in getting the appropiate shells, without spending a ton of $$ on shells that are either way to BIG!!!!, or way to SMALL!!!!. LMAO

    Incidently Speedy got his name as he was acting he was off on a race when I purchased him, and put him to ISO, definately off and running. (hoping he will change shells soon as he is in a pitiful painted shell that is painted sky blue with a zebra on it.)

    Rainbow got his name, because of the painted shell he is in was painted in a pattern of a rainbow. (again hoping he will change too).

    Itty Bitty got his name because she is soooooo TINY and soooooo cute. (also waiting and wanting him to change shells so I can part with his purchased painted shell that he was wearing when I got him and UGLY orange shell.) Obviously I am not a fan of the painted shell thing.

    Will get pics soon right now they are in my 10 gal isolation tat with a mixture of shells to change, both salt and fresh water, a shell of honey , some of Vicky's food and a combination platter of assorted fruits.

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