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Shells in shower caddy?

Discussion in 'Shells' started by Mini.Mrs.Crabs, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Mini.Mrs.Crabs

    Mini.Mrs.Crabs "Preparing For Second Molt"

    Oct 18, 2008
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    Is it okay to make the shells in a shower caddy? I have my little shells in there because they seam to sort of sink into the coconut bedding and then I lose them, but I never see the crabs going in it. Is it maybe hard for the little ones? Should I keep my shells out of the shower caddy? It's stuck to the ground too so...

    I put some bigger shells out just on the sand yesterday and  like, 3 of my big crabs changed shells and my little ones went to check them out too? Is this because they can't get into the shower caddy? Any advice??

    Oh, and also, one of my stubborn crabs FINALLY changed out of her painted shell yesterday. I was happy that now all my crabs were in natural shells. But then what happens? Another crab moves into it even when there's plenty of nicer natural shells his size. Grrrr....

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