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She wont stay in her shell

Discussion in 'General questions about care.' started by ifer80, Oct 24, 2009.

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  1. ifer80

    ifer80 Hi, I'm New Here!

    Sep 4, 2009
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    We have to small crabs and one large crab in our tank. The larger one has come out of her shell three days down. She does not spend the whole day out of it and I'm not sure how many times she is coming out. We keep other shells in the tank so I assumed she just wanted to change shells. She not burying herself so I figured she wasn't "molting" My question is... is this normal? and how long should this be going on? She gets out of her shell, walks around, goes and sits in one of the water dishes (or on the sponge) and then goes back in her same shell. I'm afraid she will get to dry or the other crabs may do damage to her even though they are smaller. HELP! :confused: (oh yeah and they've been talking to each other a lot too, thats new this week)
  2. Hermies4Ever

    Hermies4Ever (Large Crab)

    Sep 6, 2009
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    Maybe she is dehydrated. . . Do you have a water dish that she can fully submerge in???
  3. cloie74

    cloie74 "Second Molt, A Success"

    Sep 15, 2009
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    "Talking" or Chirping is a sign of stress from crabs, I dont know of anyone who has heard it used as a tpe of communication, As a matter of fact I heard my crabs do it for the firt time last night when one crab was trying to stuff himself in a coco hut that was already over occupied, they got mad and let her know it! lol
    I suggest you put her in an isolation (ISO) tank as soon as you can get one set up.
    She is stressed.
    if you can fill out this template, we can help you even more figure out what could be wrong but in the mean time and ISO tank needs:
    A shelter, Fresh water (not tap), Salt Water (Marine Quality) Food (not commercial, fresh veggies and fruit and meat unseasoned), substrate (Sand or coco fiber deep enough for her to bury completely) Heat/humidity at about 75-80 for both Shells (4-5 all shapes and sizes)

    How long have you had the crab(s) in question?

    Do you know what species they are?

    Did you/Do you isolate new crabs?

    Tank Size:

    Lid Type:

    Placement of tank in your home:

    Substrate Used (moist or dry & depth):

    Type of Gauges: Strip/Analog/Digital

    Did you test your humidity gauge for accuracy?

    Placement of Gauges:

    Temperature and Humidity levels in your tank: Degrees %

    Heating Source (if UTH how much of the tank does it cover and how much substrate is over it):

    Lighting Source (type bulbs & wattage):

    Do you have at least one area for each crab to hide?

    Is there any metal in your tank?

    What types of climbing things/toys do you have in your tank?

    What type of water do you use (dechlorinated tap/spring water)?

    If you use dechlorinating drops-which kind?

    Do your provide fresh and salt water? If yes, what type of salt mix do you use?

    Do you provide dishes for water or just sponges?

    How many extra shells do you have for each crab?

    Did you boil the shells prior to putting them in the tank?

    Do you bathe your crabs? If yes, how often and what do you use to bathe them in?

    Do you only handle your crabs with clean hands?

    How often do you handle them?

    Have they been exposed to toxins such as chemical/cleaning fumes, perfume, spray deodorant, etc?

    Do you allow your crabs to exercise outside the tank?

    What types of foods do you feed?

    What do you use as a calcium supplement?

    If you can't answer all of them, answer as many quetions as truthfully as you can so we can get started!
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