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Seed surpise to Go!

Discussion in 'The Sand Castle Lounge' started by crabbycrazy2, Sep 8, 2008.

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  1. crabbycrazy2

    crabbycrazy2 "Second Molt, A Success"

    Sep 3, 2007
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    Rhoadesville, Va
    Just wanted to let everyone know, I've had great success w/ the Seed Surprise to Go in Vicki's store. The crabs have absolutely loved them, until there was nothing left in the pots! They ate all the sprouts and over a course of a week, ate all the worm castings out of them too! I love the smaller pots b/c it makes it easier for the lil' hermies to be pigs w/out the bigger crabs taking it all. :flytinypig2: But I did find that the larger pots worked much better as a pig trough for my larger hermies! As soon, as I put the 2" pots in, they went to them instead, thus leading to no over turned spilled smaller pots. Def. recommend them and for those out there w/ bigger hermies, save yourself some clean-up time and go w/ the bigger pots that are available!
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