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Pictures of Crabby Hand-Me-Downs!!! Hehe!!!

Discussion in 'Say Cheese' started by starmaiden, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. starmaiden

    starmaiden "Preparing For Fourth Molt"

    Nov 18, 2006
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    I used to hate hand-me-downs as a kid because the hand-me-downs I wore weren't from a cool dressing older sister, but had been handed down through several sets of families and were way out of style by the time I got them. :icon_puke_r: Unfortunately with a frugal minded mom, that's what 95% my wardrobe consisted of through grade school. :steamed:

    But my crabbies don't seem to mind hand-me-downs in the least. I don't think shells go out of style much.
    Sal's old shell CLICKY
    Sal has changed into this nice Turbo CLICKY

    Tom has decided to take Sal's old shell, but he looks like he's wearing a hat that's too big! CLICKY
    He'll grow into it! CLICKY
    Tom's old shell was a much better fit CLICKY

    Dot, Dash, and Stubby have been changing shells around with each other too:
    Dot before CLICKY
    Dot after a molt and shell change CLICKY
    Dot shows off her BP CLICKY
    Dash before
    Dash took Dot's old shell CLICKY
    Then she changed into something else that I don't have a picture of yet and Stubby has moved into Dot's old shell:
    Stubby Before CLICKY
    Stubby now CLICKY

    Kyushu has changed shells and Mariana was quick to put on Kyushu's old outfit:
    Kyushu Before CLICKY
    Kyushu now CLICKY

    Mariana before CLICKY
    Mariana Now CLICKY
    Another pic of Mariana in her new outfit CLICKY

    And here's two of Blue just 'cause she's so cute! :dancebear:

    Blue found a good spot for a nap CLICKY
    Maybe someday... CLICKY

    Thanks for looking folks! :petals:
  2. Beetlebug

    Beetlebug Guest

    Blue is the cutest!!!

    they are all absolutely beautiful, star!
  3. Joey Oh

    Joey Oh Guest

    Great pics Star!

    Blue is way to cute sitting in there! What a size difference!

    Your Tom is like my Little Bob... wearing that darn shell that is too big! Silly Crabs :doh:
  4. shmama

    shmama Guest

    :love10: They are all Adorable! Thanks for posting 'em. :thumbsup:
  5. Crabaddict

    Crabaddict Guest

    I love the way you organized your post! You have a beautiful crew! They all melted my heart... esp. Dot and Blue, too cute!!! :love10:
  6. justanoob

    justanoob Guest

    Great pics, I love that picture of blue in the large turbo....Awesome :thumbsup:
  7. vckums

    vckums Moderator

    Dec 20, 2005
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    Those are some kewl handme downs!! Beautiful!
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