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Pics of my New Tank

Discussion in 'Say Cheese' started by Nannyjess23, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. Nannyjess23

    Nannyjess23 Guest

    it took me longer than expected to set this tank up. i had everything ready then i went on vaca and the wood got moldy so i had to completly redo my tank. (luckly the crabs haven't moved in yet). but i finally finished the tank last night. here are pics:

    this is the overview of the tank. it is a 20L with a 10 Gallon on top to add space!

    bottom view with 2 waters one is a bubbler pool, a cool homemade Food Station. and some chia sprouts that i'm trying out in the little circular thing in the front.

    moss pit in the front. on the left you can see two big pieces of wood, behind is a cave so the crabs have big place to hide

    Shell Station!

    Right Side of 10 gallon,complete with a piece of driftwood leaned up agains the glass so there is a hidy spot until the wood and fake plant. also a clay pot in the corner with moss, also the two big piecies of wood act as a bridge for the crabs to go from end to end
    Left Side of top tat, with clay pot also with moss and a double jungle star

    Hope Ya Like it. it will house my micro's- teeny crabs who have been in ISO for one month. they are goin' in tonight after the temps and humidity aare right. i also have a couple of other tanks that need to be redone sometime, i can't wait to do those! so much fun!

    HERMEZ Moderator

    Dec 22, 2005
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    :cheer: Looks great! Very inventive--why is the towel taped on it though? How long did it take you and did you cut out the whole bottom of the 10G or just a portion?
  3. Nannyjess23

    Nannyjess23 Guest

    with my other two tanks, i noticed that since my UTH's are not on the bottom, the heat excapes. so i put the pieces of towels of the UTH's to keep the heat from not going into the tank.

    it took me friday night and most of sat. night. i had to wait for the wood to arrive from vicki's store. and i wanted to cut a whole in the bottom. but that didn't work.

    so i just busted out the bottom. and then cut 2 pieces of plexi-glass and a piece of cardboard and used sealant to secure the pieces into place so the crabs wouldn't have a huge place to escape and then i put some coconut fiber background on. i could use that as another level.
    i wanted to fit the 10 gallon so it was parallel to the 20L but it was to small so i made it fit on horizontal instead. i also have some wood underneath the 10gallon so that if it wasn't stable it would still stay in place. but the way it is now, it's very stable.

    i had fun making the tank.
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