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PetSupermarket is getting better

Discussion in 'Store's Exposed.' started by justine, Jan 13, 2007.

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  1. justine

    justine "Never Molted"

    Jan 5, 2007
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    The conditions in our PetSupermarket (Port Charlotte, FL) were terrible. They were basically treating the crabs as reptiles. There were at least 30 in a small tank, with only a shallow layer of gravel. There were bugs in the tank, because it was connected to the reptile areas with just a divider. Every single time I went in there, there was NO water or food. There were many legs and dead crabs in the tank. I tried repeatedly to politely explain crab care to the store employees, but the were mostly teenagers, and all I got were blank looks. They would agree with what I said, but nothing would ever change. I found the company's website and emailed their cooperate headquarters with details of proper crab care. I never recieved a response, but the next time I went in the store, I couldn't believe my eyes. They crans were in a brand new tank seperate from other animals. They had both salt and fresh water with sponges. They were in sand instead of gravel, and they had food, caves, and extra shells. Wow!
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