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Ok, Just A Few Questions...

Discussion in 'General questions about care.' started by Dezzi, Oct 10, 2008.

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  1. Dezzi

    Dezzi "First Molt In Progress"

    Sep 12, 2008
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    Richmond, VA
    Hi, I have some questions, and everyone helped me so much before that I knew where to come:) I have 3 PP crabs, 2 of them are small - about the size of a quarter, and my 3rd is a little larger. one of the smaller crabs I got at a pet store, and he is in one of those longer "spiral" shells. I thought that he would change soon after he got home, but it's been a while now & he is still in that shell. It only worries me because when he walks, he is pretty much dragging his shell. It is way too long for him. He is also too large for it, one of his front small legs even come out on one side of the shell. Also, when I hold him up and look inside of his shell (he is Not a shy crab & he will come out far, so I can see really good) one of his small legs that grip the shell, is pointed straight up! It just seems so uncomfortable to me. I have offered Many different types of clean shells to him, and my other 2 change shells quite often. But he has not changed. I wish I could describe the shell better, I am not sure what it is called. Maybe, I can take a pic. of him. I just thought it was odd. But maybe he likes it? I only have 1 other shell like it, and it has a small hole in it. So, since he will not accept the others, I guess I will have 2 go and get him some. Anyway, My 2nd question is, Since I have 3 smaller crabs, would it be a bad idea to get a larger one? I worry that the larger crab might bully my smaller ones. But, I have also heard that the larger ones are more calm. First of all, I need a Bigger tank!! I need a bigger tank anyway, because of all the toys, bowls, climbing logs, & hide-aways they already have! To All New Crab Owners: Get A Large Tank! You will need it! I wish I had! Also, I have been reading so much about crabs & learning! Much of what I have learned has been by going through other members questions on the site, & the answers they got! I have the cuttlebone under control now, and many other things I have learned about these Awesome cuties! I Love Em! (my mother thinks I have gone quite insane over these crabs! She just doesn't get it) Anyway, Thank you so much, and sorry for so long!!!
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