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NOTE: Finishing The Final Steps To Becoming A Free Member At HCRU.

Discussion in 'General questions about care.' started by Eric, Oct 7, 2004.

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  1. Eric

    Eric "First Molt, A Success"

    Sep 15, 2004
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    Staten Island
    This Post is only for the few wanna be members with troubles becoming a MEMBER!

    Important (Help) Note For People With Troubles Finishing The Final Steps To Becoming A Free Member At HCRU:

    Please Go To Your Online Mailbox You Created Your Groupee Account With (Registered Email) & Open The Email Sent To You By "Groupee" Click The Link Given In The "Groupee" Email To Verify Your Screen Name You Registered With So That You Can Sign Onto HCRU As A Member & Utilize Your Chosen HCRU Screen Name.

    The Reason: We Verify Screen Names Here @ HCRU To Make For A Much More Safer & Peaceful Environment For People Of All Age Groups As People Who Do Not Want To Be Here For The Right Reasons (Trouble Makers, Just Strolling By) Will Not Be Signing Up So Easily Just To Cause A Mess Via "Our" Forums On HCRU & Interrupt Us People Who Really Want To Be Here At HCRU.

    Having Problems @ Login Or Verifying Your Screen Name:

    1. Have You Received The Groupee Email & Clicked The Link To Verify? If Not Please Do So Now. If You Have Not Received The Email Your Internet Mailbox SPAM Filter May Have Caught It As A Unrecognizable Email, This Problem Occurs Often With AOL Members But Others As Well, So Please Check This Scenario Before All Others When A Missing Groupee Email Is In Question. The Hyper Linked Verification Email Comes From Groupee@infopop.com So You Can Also Go Back To Groupee And Type In Your Screen Name Again To Have This "Verify" Email Sent Over To You After You Add Groupee@infopop.com As An Acceptable Email On Your Account meaning Not Filtered By Spam Controls. Or Just As Easy Look In Your Spam Filter Itself To Retrieve It.

    Verify Email From = Groupee@infopop.com

    Note: Groupee Emails Come To The Screen Name Registered By You With Groupee To Create A Screen Name For HCRU Free Membership. Please Also Note That's All Passwords Are CASE SENSITIVE Meaning If You Typed Your Chosen Private Password & Screen Name In Capital Letters, Lower Case Or A Mixture Of Both When It Was Created Then That Is What Must Be Done On The Groupee Sign In To Get Onto HCRU On Your Custom Screen Name As A Member.

    2. If These Options Fail Please Sign Up With A New Groupee Account Account Using A Different Screen Name Like Hotmail Or Any Other Accounts You May Have. Remember Always Check Your Spam Folders For The Groupee Email To Verify, Just In Case It Was Misplaced In The Spam Folder. The Verification Via The Groupee Email Is The final & Most Important Step To Becoming A MEMBER @ HCRU. (Just Clink The Link) Easy As Pie.

    3. After All Of The Above Was Tried & Failed We Can Be Contacted At The Email Address Below:


    Hope To See You On The Forums Real Soon For Never Ending Fun & Knowledge.

    Best Regards,
    Hermit Crabs "R" Us Staff

    We Don't Wanna Grow Up Were HCRU KIDS! There A Million Crabbers At HCRU That We Can Play With!
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