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new to the forum!

Discussion in 'The Welcome Rock' started by luvthosehermies, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. Hey everybody! :hello: My name's Cristina and I've owned hermit crabs for about a year.
    I currently own three small PPs and look forward to adding a few new members to my little family in a few weeks.
    This seems like a really great forum and I hope to get to know you all a bit better. :)
  2. vckums

    vckums Moderator

    Dec 20, 2005
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    :banana: Hi and welcome!!  :kissflowers:
  3. crabcrazy

    crabcrazy Guest

    Welcome  :teddy01:
  4. Ms Lala

    Ms Lala Guest

    Hi there.  :partyhat4:
  5. Jedi_sena

    Jedi_sena Guest

    Greetings!  Crabs got names yet?
  6. kathleen

    kathleen Guest

    Hello, and welcome.  I am new her too.  Very nice group.
  7. crabcrazy

    crabcrazy Guest

    Welcome Kathleen
    I'm pretty new myself :teddy01:
  8. kathleen

    kathleen Guest

    Thanks crabcrazy.  there is so much info here to look thru.  I am spending waaay too much time on the computer.  I love that everyone here is so into the photos. I like them too.  Maybe it will motivate me to get my camera fixed.  lol
  9. Yup, they sure do. :D
    My darkest guy is named Crash. His buddy that I bought at the same time is named Spider. He's now the biggest guy in the tank after three molts (but they're all still pretty small). My newest guy that I got back in April is named Tippy.
    Thanks to all for the warm welcome.
  10. Jedi_sena

    Jedi_sena Guest

    I like the rough/tough names.  Cool!
  11. hermiesrokmysox

    hermiesrokmysox (Large Crab)

    Mar 17, 2006
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    HI!!!! welcome to the group!!!!!!!!!!! :hello:
  12. crabcrazy

    crabcrazy Guest

    Cute names  :teddy01:
  13. k_n_68048

    k_n_68048 Guest

    HI!  I'm pretty new to the site as well as the crabbing obsession.  Nice & helpful people here!  :hello:
  14. crabcrazy

    crabcrazy Guest

    Welcome k_n_68048!! :vinkko:

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