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New Crabs, SS, Climby toy and a Surprise Inside this topic :D

Discussion in 'Say Cheese' started by Astinus, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. Astinus

    Astinus Guest

    Well...I decided to change out some of my Play Sand out to EE.  While at the Petshop, I saw a Really nice looking Climby wooden thing.  Dont know if it is Grapevine or Driftwood.  Anyways the Crabs seem to like it.

    Here is the "Tree"  It is actually 2 pieces at the Base.  But the Base is Burried deep into the EE.


    Another view

    Also got 4 E's

    This 1st Pic is my HUGE Guy.  Taken next to a Quarter for Size.

    The next 3 seem Shy.  Forgive the Painted Shells :(
    Same 1  (Came out)


    Here is a Pic of the Overall Tat.

    And now for the Surprise inside...While Cleaning out the Part of the Sand
    I came across a Crab that was Down, Molting.  I gingerly lifted the Shell up, out of the sand and The Exo just came right out and off in my Hand,
    Leaving me very shocked and nervous.  The poor "Lil Dude" was all Pink and looked Gelatinous.  Here are Pics of the Crab, Exo and some Extra Exo pieces I had found when scooping out other parts of the sand.
    Some of these Pics arent the Greatest. But Here they are.



    In the Pic Overall Tat.  The Cocohut in the Middle is where the Fresh molter is sitting right now.
    Wish Him/Her Luck.  Thanks  :)
    Hope ya liked these Pics :)
  2. MacandHunter

    MacandHunter "First Molt In Progress"

    Dec 31, 2005
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    Wow those crabs are lovley. :hello2: They would look even greater in natural shells.
  3. wow, those compresses are HUGE!  way to go!  :wav:

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