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New crabbies - help?

Discussion in 'General questions about care.' started by truncoxx, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. truncoxx

    truncoxx Hi, I'm New Here!

    Feb 14, 2009
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    Wylie, Texas (north Dallas)
    Okay so here is the story:
    About a month ago I started buying hermit crabs from various Earthbound Trading Co. stores. In a week I had four. I places them all in this nice 10 gallon storage bin with beach sand (mixed with compressed coconut fibers). I also put in a nice hiding place.

    The first two appeared to be molting but as it turns out at least one of them wasn't. He just started changing shells. However, I have not seen the second one leave at all from the hiding place. I assume he's molting but all the other crabs keep bothering him and I can't really see how he's doing in there anymore. What should I do?

    Other than one crab, none of the crabs leave the hiding place AT ALL ( and its not because they're moving around at night, I'm pretty much nocturnal and I never see them). I can't really see what they're up to because of the bad idea of using a can as a hiding place (because now I can't just take it out or else I might disturb the molting crab).

    I was trying to let them adjust to the surroundings and all that, and I've done all the right things as far as keeping moisture levels good and leaving food and treats out and leaving water bowls too. But only one of them seems to be behaving normal.

    Three of them are hiding out in the can. And as for the molting one, he's a small crab therefore it should only be about a month of molting. And I can see his shell exposed now a day. So I don't know if to assume that he's done. Because either way I'm a little worried about all them and I'm not sure if to take them out and start getting them used to me as I have done with the other one.
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