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New Crabber! Intro & A few little questions. :)

Discussion in 'The Welcome Rock' started by imported_CrabHappy, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. imported_CrabHappy

    imported_CrabHappy "Never Molted"

    Oct 2, 2011
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    First of all, let me just say I love these emoticons, haha! :)

    Hi! I'm Mandee, and I'm a new crabber from Texas. As a little background, I became interested in Hermit Crabs a few years ago and I've been doing research and mulling over the topic of actually getting them ever since. I decided that as a Christmas present to myself, I'm going to go ahead and set up my tank and then pick up my new crab babies when the weather gets a little warmer. (Side Note: Texas weather = brutal)  :chuckle:

    (You know..they say in Texas, if you don't like the weather we're having, just wait five minutes and you'll get something different.) Oh goodness, Texas jokes. Gotta love them!

    Anyways, I like this forum a bunch. I've been reading it for awhile now and I just decided to join! :) I can't wait to meet a bunch of you guys and share such a wonderful interest.

    Question Time!

    1. In your crabitat, what are some of the decorations and ornaments that your crabs like the best?

    2. What foods have worked the best for you? :)

    3. How long should I let my tank "cycle" before getting my crabs? That is, letting the humidity and temperature become stable and getting into a routine as far as lights and cooling?

    Thanks! :)
  2. scoobdoo

    scoobdoo "PM Jason For Custom Title"

    Apr 27, 2010
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    welcome! well just get your tank set up, as long as your temp is right and the humidity is right, the sand or e.e. is moist that you can make a" sand castle" if it was sand. You have the right lids or something to hold your heat in, you have light to provide day / night cycle? I would say you can add crabs. salt water / fresh water people use different brands to prepare their water - food, there are several types of crab foods that are bad for them, they can eat alot of foods that you eat! just no seasonings on them, meats, fruits, veggies,  read the archives. you can use fish tank decorations, you can get silk plants, plastic plants, shower caddy's,  cholla wood from hobby lobby, depending on the size of your crabs shells that are in the bags aat wal mart & hobby lobby, I have corner shelves that are held up by magnets on the out side. well i will let someone else hop on in here.. it's late and i am tired!
  3. Klabelle

    Klabelle "Second Molt In Progress"

    Mar 7, 2011
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    Hi Mandee :D

    I'll answer the food and decor questions for ya :p
    For decorations, my crabs love stuff they can climb. They have a cholla log, grapevine that branches off, a coconut hut that for some reason they like not only sitting on the top of it but hanging upside-down inside and one of these thingies on the background (link). That background helps with humidity too. They also have a plastic plant that they sleep on. They had live plants at one point but Apollo got too big and ruined them so they have the fake until I find something stronger that can support him. They also have a vine that will be going in soon and my crabs enjoy Hermiefun's hemp nets. I took the ladder and connected it under the grapevine and they love to hang upside-down and climb it. Oh and I can't forget my nemesis....moss. They looove moss.
    I also take Hermes outside the tank and he gets to spend however long he feels like making laps on my shirt and hair. Most people don't like the idea of handling their crabs but mine enjoys his time out of the tank quite a bit. The other two get out on occasion but Hermes walks on my hand himself.

    For food, my crab Hermes loves scrambled eggs and the balanced food mix in the addiction store,
    Apollo loves the Corn Puffs dunked quickly in water or olive oil drizzled on top...he devours them and is almost to the point he'll eat from my hand if I'm holding it, he also likes the crystal shrimp from the shop too.
    Aphrodite likes the balanced food mix, loves (to a very large degree) rose petals, and honey. I probably have about $2-300 worth of food from the addiction store lol my boyfriend thinks it's obsessive. My crabs also get food that I eat since I prefer fruits and vegetables so they get the veggies that I cook for dinner. Also fresh bananas.

    All my crabs enjoy crushed oyster shells and sea biscuits (in fact, they won't even touch cuttlebone). Mine also enjoy the dehydrated fruit from Zoo Med and I scatter sesame seeds and a few other seeds on the ground so that they are still able to forage sometimes. I place a few in front of them when I see them looking around on the ground for food.

    In short:

    1) cholla log, grapevine, coconut hut, hemp net, climbing background, vines, and plants.
    2) shrimp, balanced mix, olive oil, scrambled eggs, corn puffs, honey, sesame seed, sea biscuits, oyster shell, frsh bananas, dehydrated apples & apricot and rose petals.
  4. CrabAddict

    CrabAddict Moderator

    Jun 28, 2009
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    Howdy  :cowboy_grin:  Welcome to the site!

    Congrats on making the decision to get hermit crabs. They make fascinating pets.
    Cycling your tank is not necessary with hermit crabs. Within a day or two you should know what your temp and humidity is. You should check it daily and make adjustments. An under tank heater, heat bulbs or heat emmiters are a great way to provide heat. Damp substrate, moss and misting helps increase humidity. Connecting your heat source to a dimmer or thermostat keeps the temp consistent. Covering your tank with plastic wrap or a glass/plastic lid helps keep in humidity.

    As mentioned by the other members moss filled shower caddys, cholla wood, flower pots and hemp nets are great additions to your tank.

    There are multiple threads and stickies on hermit crab food. Be sure to look around the site! Mine really enjoy fresh coconut, frozen krill and bee pollen.
  5. Mckenny

    Mckenny "PM Jason For Custom Title"

    Aug 6, 2008
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    Cambridge, Maryland
    :cheer:  Welcome to the Crabby Family!

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