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My new addictions, er, additions...

Discussion in 'Say Cheese' started by CrabbyChris22, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. CrabbyChris22

    CrabbyChris22 Hi, I'm New Here!

    Dec 9, 2005
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    Montgomery Village, MD
    i forgot to tell ya, Steph brought home 2 more tiny little Es from the aquarium store yesterday.  man, that place is a rip off though; $7.00 for each E and then their return policy is only the same as their fish and that's 3 days for full price and then after that it's pro-rated per day up to 7 days or something stupid.  it's where we've bought the majority of our Es from and we've had good luck, but wow, ridiculous price.  anyway, i didn't get any pics of them because that was right before i laid down and basically all i did was dunk them in some salt water and plopped them into the tank.  sheesh, i nearly forgot all about them.

    um Wickie?  are those my Straws in your pockets or are you just happy to see me?  gimme my crabs back woman!
  2. Joey Oh

    Joey Oh Guest

    I do  :shuffle: 

    Ok... so I have NEVER owned up to an error on 'their' part... I take it and RUN!  :cstrut2:  It is their job to know what to charge... I do, however, make sure I point it out if the price is higher!  :chuckle:

    And yep... still like the Chaco's!  It's 70 degrees and they have been strapped on my feet all day  :tongue3:

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