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my mothers day gift to me

Discussion in 'Say Cheese' started by scoobdoo, May 9, 2010.

  1. scoobdoo

    scoobdoo "PM Jason For Custom Title"

    Apr 27, 2010
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    :spunky: Meet Bam Bam, my newbie crab I just bought for myself as a Mother's Day Gift. I gave him the name Bam Bam for 2 reasons one I have a crab that looks almost like him named Pebbles & two after I gave him a good bath and put him in the tank he was all over the place checking the new and better digs he came from & not shy with the others at all, trying to knock Shell Lea off the log, like he is saying BAM! Move over!
    The little mom and pop shop where I go, they try to do the best they can, I know it's a struggle for them to keep the pet shop going but like all shops the conditions are in favor of some animals and others kind of get neglected. The crabs are on the neglected side. They had about 25 jumbo in a 5x5 shallow container, with a dinner plate size of eco stuff in one corner, 2 water dishes this time, no food that I saw and their heat was a heat rock and a light bulb. There is a sign that says you drop a crab you just bought it, but they have a 5 yr. old that handles them roughly puts them on the floor runs away and then can't find them. It's sad going in but happy coming out when I JUST RESCUED A CRAB1

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