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Discussion in 'Store's Exposed.' started by momof2hermi_bashfull, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. momof2hermi_bashfull

    momof2hermi_bashfull "First Molt In Progress"

    Sep 4, 2008
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    I had just started crabbing and so I am very much a newbie, I had purchased my 1st two last weekend and a third last night. Actually the third crab had better conditions at the petco in Taylor Michigan, than the two I had purchased at a Petsupplyplus in Dearborn. Wondering if anyone knows of other places around the Taylor, Dearborn ish area that I can look at in getting other crabs. I have a 10 gallon set up, and still continuing to work on the fav tat for my main tank. I also have a 5 gal ISO tank set up. At the present the 2 I got during labor day weekend are in the main tank, and the 1 I had purchased last night is in the ISO.

    At the moment they are all completely set up, and I had followed the guide lines. Do have some other stuff coming in the mail tho. Vick's is one place I had ordered from, the crabbage patch for the shells (as at the moment they only have very few shells in their size to pick form) and the The Happy Hermit Crab for sampling of different foods for the crabs.

    Since I have seen Vickum's here from the Hermit crab addition I was wondering if you give instructions for your foods, like for the squid, octo, and shrimp? I didn't order any at this time as I was afraid to, since I have'nt a clue on how to prepare it.

    Thank you for in advance to anyone who answers or reads my post.

    Mom to: My boyfriend/ and son Tyler (the crabs were actually for Tyler as he is ASD) and loves any kind of animal. 3 PP's Hermie, Bashfull, and Crabby, Siamese cat: Mini, Domestic cat Chloe and Dog Bouncer (ironically at 15, if name doens't suit him anymore.

    Also, any advice on how to get a good pic of my crabs? So that I can double make sure that they are PP's. From what I can tell this is what I belive them to be.
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