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Matt's Food Review Thread.

Discussion in 'The Sand Castle Lounge' started by Matt, Feb 11, 2006.

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  1. Matt

    Matt Guest

    Welcome, everyone to Matt's Food Review thread, so thoughtfully provided by our benifactor: Vicki.

    Now, to start things off, I made a rating to our benifactor.

    Hearty Bowl: Alfredo Penne with Red Pepper.

    Presentation: 2/10
    The bowl was plain, and the food was kind of thrown in.
    Portion Size: 2/10
    I could probably eat about 10 to be full, however, for skinny freaks that order a small pizza and thier whole family of 6 can have dinner, its a good size.
    Taste: 8/10
    I have to say it was good, a little dry though.
    Value: 2/10
    For 3 dollars, put it towards somthing bigger.

    Overall: 6/10

    Okay, second Item: Pizza Hut Pizza w/ "Poppable" Crust.

    Presnentation: 8/10
    The box was nice, and the pizza was nicely presented, however the slices weren't consistant in size.
    Portion: 5/10
    I could probably go about eating a large myself, and the peices werent a consitant size.
    Taste: 3/10
    The classic 'cheap' Pizza Hut Taste.
    Value: 3/10
    For the taste, its not worth the money.

    Overall: 4.75

    Expect more soon.
  2. Matt

    Matt Guest

    "Mom's Home Made Leftover Soup"

    Presentation: 4/10
    This stuff looks like a chicken, cow, and a bunch of vegetables vomited into a pot and got cooked together. However, the broth remains a consistent colour, and you cant actually see the mess below the broth.
    Portion Size: 10/10
    You cant go wrong with getting as big a portion as you want!
    Taste: 9/10
    As usual, Mom pulls out and once again makes a great leftover soup. The various flavours, and the excellent spicing add together to make this one kick but!
    Value: 10/10
    Put together with stuff in the fridge. Actually it should be 11/10, its SAVING you money.

    Overall: 8.25/10

    "Polish Garlic Sausage"
    Presentation: 5/10
    It looks like sausage, what else is to say, its not exacly pretty.
    Portion size: 9/10
    You can have as much as you want, however you cant make a meal of this stuff, not if you want to sleep in the same ROOM as your spouse.
    Taste: 10/10
    This is the BEST sausage you can get, hands down, boil it, nuke it, anything. Good alone, with condiments, on bread, ANYTHING.
    Value: 5.5/10
    You get 2 3' peices for about 5 dollars, its all by weight, so its an approx. number. The taste is way worth it though, balancing it out at 5.5 because its not extemely priced

    Overall: 7.3/10
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