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Marine Crabs

Discussion in 'The Sand Castle Lounge' started by krackersmom2, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. krackersmom2

    krackersmom2 (Large Crab)

    Sep 12, 2007
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    South TX (near the beach)
    Hi All.....I got my crabby fix today by going out looking for wild marine hermies. I think I have mentioned before that you can find wild marine hermies on the shores of the Corpus Christi Bay....just off the Gulf of Mexico.
    The kids and I went to McD's for breakfast and then headed out to the Navy base where they have a great shore full of sea shells and marine life. I love scallop shells and they are plentiful down here...we aso find some other rare finds...like pieces of coral....they're usually not all that big, but still a treasure. My son found what appears to be a fossilized tooth from possibly a dolphin or other large fish/animal. He's going to take it to his marine science teacher at school to see if the can identify it.
    We had a great time finding little marine hermies in the shallow water. We found the CUTEST little tiny TRUE microcrab....I'd be lucky to say the diameter of his entire sea snail shell was 1/4".....that was the smallest crabby I've ever seen:eek: I was kicking myself for not taking my camera, but that's another story I won't go into:mad:.....The boys had some very large bowl shaped clam shells with water in them and each collected about 6 or 7 small hermit crabs. My 4 year old was trying hard to understand why they couldn't go home and live in our crabitat. I told him that they "need to live in the ocean" or they would die. I think he understood. We put them one the beach near the water and watched them all crawl back into the water. That was a great morning!
    After that, we picked up some lunch and went to the park for a picnic lunch....I got a nice sunburn while I was watching the boys play....It was nice and cool (70s) and I didn't even think about the sun:eek:
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