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Lost two crabbies, gained two crabbies...

Discussion in 'Say Cheese' started by wickedannabella, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. I posted that there was an abandoned babylonia shell and no other shells were missing. Well, today I found out why. Darrin apparently abandoned his shell within about 48 hours of us bringing him home...there wasn't much left of him...just a BP and a few legs. The rest? I don't even want to go there.

    Samantha is doing fine.

    Casper, well we lost him as well. He was pretty beaten up when we got him, so it wasn't entirely unexpected, however, I think the cleaning I did (deep clean), stressed him out too much...as it did Theodore.

    Do you guys lose a bunch after a deep clean? Actually, Casper and Theo were both stress cases. Darrin? Well he SEEMED so happy and healthy!

    Hmmmm - Interesting.

    Took Darrin back to Petco tonight as he was only 5 days old. They had no more small guys (Samantha & Darrin were the last two when I was there on Saturday). I spotted a familiar shell, that DEEP Purple PP was still there! So I took him in trade for Darrin! And then I spied Jethro.

    So here's Merlot in her ugly "fancy" shell...


    Merlot checking out some REAL shells.

    And here's Jethro...a pretty Rug (I think)

    Jethro in the 'tat

    And here are some pictures in the Tat's.

    Bob being his clown self...(he's still so pink from his molt)

    Bob & Sabastian

    And Bob meeting Jethro - with Sabastian in the back

    Freckles is showing off her beauty and climbing prowess


    In the lower 'tat there's some life

    Here's Clark

    And Lilo (center very tiny) and Alvin who took Darrin's old shell in the cocoa hut.
  2. *Kathy*

    *Kathy* Guest

    Wow, Wick.....so sorry for your losses! :tear:

    And the answer is YES!  I DO suffer losses after a deep clean!  In fact, with the deep clean I did in June, I lost three rugs and my viola within a fews weeks. 

    Now that I switched the ants & friends to the 40B, I am worried sick wondering how many I will lose.  The last time I transfer the 4 ants to a larger crabitat (from the 10G to the 20L), one of the little ants dropped a couple of legs & his BP.  :love9: He died shortly afterward.  I am holding my breath & praying that this transfer went smoother. :sad11:

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