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Look who has a gel limb!

Discussion in 'Say Cheese' started by littleredcrabby, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. [img=289x300]http://img354.imageshack.us/img354/2162/myhermies1991vj1.jpg[/img]

    At least I am assuming that is the beginning of a gel limb...I hadn't even realized that she had dropped a limb!  Does this mean that she will molt sometime soon? :straw:  That is so amazing!!  I keep telling everyone what amazing little animals they are, but I don't think they realize it...
  2. gotcrabs

    gotcrabs Guest

    When the gel limb turns to an orangey color then it is about time for her to molt. Sorry I can't see what color it is in the pic. When it turns orange, you might want to let her molt in the main tank or ISO her. Whatever you normally do. Just to be prepared. Personally I don't ISO, not until after they molt so then they can eat the exo and I can make sure that they are hard and that they will be safe. Congrats! Where'd you get that E? He's cute!

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