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Large molts and some nice pictures

Discussion in 'Say Cheese' started by starmaiden, Feb 18, 2007.

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  1. starmaiden

    starmaiden "Preparing For Fourth Molt"

    Nov 18, 2006
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    Guess who surfaced last week after a 3.5 month molt and pinched the heck outta my hand today! Teeny's back! :blower: He's got a kindred spirit in Pinchy I think!
    Teeny's new Exo

    Mr. Sally also reappeared after a 6 week absence

    Redlinger, one of my straws, just loves to stare at his reflection! I'm going to mount a mirror on the side of the tank so he can admire himself to his heart's content!

    Who's your Daddy!
    I'm so handsome!

    A couple pictures of some of my ruggies:

    Mariana in the moss pit
    Another one of Mariana

    Ryukyu poses on the driftwood
    Lovely Ryukyu
    Pretty Ryukyu perched on the coral

    HERMEZ Moderator

    Dec 22, 2005
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    :dancebear: EXCELLENT NEWS!! Tell Teeny he is not suppose to pinch the hand that feeds you :confused1: They all look great Ann what a beautiful bunch you have! :petals:
  3. *Kathy*

    *Kathy* Guest

    Teenie, huh? Wellllll, he doesn't look so teenie to ME!!! :chuckle: But he does look dark and gorgeous!!! Shame on him for pinching Momma! And Redlinger is just as beautiful as ever.....in fact they ALL are lookin' goo! :dance2:
  4. Crabaddict

    Crabaddict Guest

    That is great news! Teeny looks beautiful... what beautiful coloration, it was worth the wait! :dance2:

    I love Redlinger! What a sweetie! Beautiful looking bunch, congrats!!! :partyhat4:
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