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July 2005 Contest From Hermitcrabsrus!

Discussion in 'HermitCrabs"R"Us Exclusive Contest - "A Boardwalk ' started by Eric, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. Eric

    Eric "First Molt, A Success"

    Sep 15, 2004
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    Staten Island
    Ok everyone the HCRU new contest has been started [​IMG]. We are going to have a contest each month so if you do not win this month [​IMG] keep giving it a try as we will have one each month [​IMG].

    This months contest is to list the top 5 reasons you know you are addicted to hermit crabs. An example would be.......

    You know you are addicted to hermit crabs when:
    1. You spend more time in the kitchen preparing food and boiling shells for the crabs than you do for your family...etc

    The cutoff date will be July 19 2005 at midnight. Kuplakrabs, SuperMom, Kali_Ma and myself will vote for the top 3 most funniest entry's. Then we will post the top 3 for all members to vote for. Everyone will be able to vote for 10 days which will be July 29 2005 until midnight.

    Please only one entry and vote per member we will monitor the votes. Multiple entry's and votes will be removed.

    The prize will be a care / food bundle. It will include 4 Hikari brands. It will include one ocean plankton 0.42 oz, one blood worms 0.42 oz, one cichlid gold 2 oz and one hikari gold. It will also include a new unopened zoo med humidity gauge along with 3 turbo petholatis shells which measure 3/4 to 1 1/4 overall size and an opening of aprox 1 inch. This will include priority shipping anywhere in the USA.

    Good luck to everyone [​IMG]. I have started a new discussion to post all entry's. If anybody has any problems please email us at hermitcrabsrus@msn.com.

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