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Instructions- How to get pictures into your posts using Photobucket.com

Discussion in 'The HCRU Family Photo Album - Say Cheese.' started by kuplakrabs, Aug 13, 2005.

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  1. kuplakrabs

    kuplakrabs "Second Molt, A Success"

    Oct 3, 2004
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    Western NY
    If you already have a photobucket account, log in (if not, create an account) and then a gray box will show up that is titled Add Pictures.

    There will also be two boxes labeled Picture and Tag or Title.
    To the left of the Picture box, is a green <span class="ev_code_GREEN">BROWSE</span> button.
    Click on the browse button.

    Another box should pop up that is titled Choose File.

    You now need to click on the folder in your hard drive in which your pictures are stored. Click on the picture you want to upload. The pics location in your hard drive will show up in the box labeled Picture .

    Click on the submit button. Your picture is now uploaded to photobucket.

    To add an image from there to the forum, scroll down a bit to the picture you wish to use and underneath it are 3 choices.

    Click once anywhere in the box to the right of the label Img-the whole box should be highlighted at this point.

    Now press CTRL C to copy and return to the forum post and press CTRL V to paste your picture.
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