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Infested w/ Food/Mold mites and will be treating w/H. Miles ( Predatory mites)

Discussion in 'General questions about care.' started by HexxusAndLexxie'sCare, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. HexxusAndLexxie'sCare

    HexxusAndLexxie'sCare Hi, I'm New Here!

    Nov 9, 2012
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    I have my crabitat overrun  with mites and I cannot do any deep clean because i have crabs under . And deep cleaning , etc. Will stress and possibly cause death to a molting in process crab They look like this!

    They are food and mold mites, but they crawl everywhere and annoy the crabs!! 
    So I am gonna try the hypoaspis miles 

    Just placed an order for a tube of 25,000 from Evergreen Growers Supply  

    Has anyone else treated with hypoaspis miles( predatory mites) and does it work?? 

    LAURIE Hi, I'm New Here!

    Apr 17, 2013
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    I am sorry no one has got back to you, if they are indeed food mites then make sure you don't feed that food to them. You need to bathe your crabs to look under one of the sections not sure which one, there should a section on e.r. care for crab care for mites. mites are very hard to get rid of from what I have read and there is one certain type of mites that can end up killing them. i have heard of people getting these little critters and using them to help control the mites and eventually getting rid of them. you need to take everything out of the tank and wash it and bake what ever can be baked, if I were you I would just leave things out of the tank except for a hut, feeding dish and water dish. you'll just have to keep cleaning things over and over and your just giving them good hiding places to lay eggs. good luck!
    **I found this & copied it for you!
    MITE Bath for all Hermit crabs
    You should always have on hand 2x salt water---when you get a new crab you should rinse the crab off with dechlor water to get the sand/ee off. Then you submerge the crab fully upside down in the 2x salt water.........they will either freeze up and hardly move or they will flip over and scramble to get out- you want to make sure the water gets way back in their shell and that they stay covered. When they are in the upside down position and they come out the water rushes to the back of the shell.........sometimes I will keep flipping them over as one time does not always work. Now some crabs may never come out- this can be a problem. You need to maybe do multiple baths or try the next day.
    I cant stress enough how important it is to check for mites. They will be so very very sneaky - I have had a crab bathed several times and still have mites - the more you listen to this advice the better off you and crabby will be.

    When the crab is now done the 5 minutes submerge you take him and put in him some fresh dechlor water- on the inital rinse bath I will sometimes add stress coat I usually wait to rinse the crab until I see what I find in the salty bath-

    Very carefully watch the water (try to look at the top where you can see it like a mirror). Make the water get very still........get a flashlight if you can. The mites will either be swimming around or may even be dead. If alive carefully stick a toothpick in the water near them-they will hop on trying to save themselves. Hold up to a light and study what they look like then smash the heck out of the varmit . Mites come in all colors- white-grey-red-black-brown etc. They will have 8 legs- now my eyes are bad being an old person here but even the best eyes can sometimes have trouble seeing them. When in doubt you can do another bath, The salt "generally" makes them release from the crab- you can get a stubborn mite- I now will give repeated salt baths if I find mites in the first bath- so I will start fresh all over again until I see no more- THEN you take some fresh dechlor water and if you saw mites add some stress coat. The stress coat will smother any mites that may be left on and or the eggs. This is the only time you can use stress coat.

    Now you have to wait 3-5 days and ISO the new crab. Then repeat the process, mite eggs take that long to hatch. If you feel good about the baths at this point you can offer clean substrate (if mites were found I only offer an inch of sand as it will need to be discarded) with a fresh clean tank and offer good foods etc for a week or two before adding to your main tank. I even give another bath at this point to be sure or if crab is not acting right I have been surprised at this stage ALSO!!!

    If the 2nd batch (3-5 days later) of baths show mites you have to repeat everything again.

    By doing this even though its a pain you will definately achieve a mite free crab and not harm your established colony. Some crabs may be so hurt by the mites they may not make it.

    The baths can be stressful but a mite infested crab will become very sick and cranky.

    People that just add new crabs after a quick dip in water are setting themselves up for a real headache someday. Nobody can ever be lucky enough to not meet up with a mite or two in crab keeping.

    ISO gives the crab a chance to de-stress - gain strength and will give YOU a chance to see if the crab has bugs/viruses and observe their behaviour- make sure they are in a quiet place with proper day-night cycles.

    As a matter of personal choice some people believe to gradually increase temps/humidity- I only do that with very bad cases.....I really dont have too many issues.

    Land hermit crabs store a small amount of water in their shells just to keep their gills wet, thus allowing them to breath. Not only that, but they can also regenerate their limbs/claws as well as their eye stalks.

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