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How many Hermit Crabs per gallon?

Discussion in 'General questions about care.' started by Mckenny, Dec 22, 2010.

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    As Mr. Krabs said, "Seems like everyone has different ideas as to how many crabs you can put in a certain size tank".  How true that statement is.
    Below is a guideline that is pretty much accepted in the Hermit Crab world and re-listed by one of our members awhile back.  It's the guideline I still use now, and hopefully will be a help to others.

    How much space should each of your crabs have in a tank?Jumbo - 5 gal each
    Large - 4 gal each
    Med. - 3 gal each
    Small - 2 gal each
    Teeny/micro - 1 gal each

    There are questions that you should ask yourself:

    1. Does every land hermit crab have an area to go into in order to escape the stresses of captivity? Many animals need hiding spots and areas within their habitat so that they can distress and feel at ease. If you have a tank that includes: substrate, bowls, dishes, and no barrier from the bright lights and shadows, there is the chance that they may not be able to settle into their true behavior patterns, or ever truly relax. There should be several hiding spots available so that each crab has a chance to feel at ease. Imagine yourself within the tank, and what it would feel like to be out in the open

    2. Is there enough room in the tank for a moulting-friendly area within the tank? It is important that there is enough room for each hermit crab to be able to moult in peace without crowded tank mates digging them up in order to find their own place to hunker down and sleep or moult.

    3. If you have a large hermit crab, or even a jumbo, it is important that they are able to have an area that is Jumbo-friendly, that is, deep enough substrate for them to bury properly, and large enough hiding caves and spaces to enable their survival.

    4. Is there enough within the tank to facilitate climbing, play and exercise? It is important that a section of your tank makes use of the vertical height available, without lending itself to 'the great escape'. Items like Driftwood, coral, mangrove root etc are all great to have within a tank, and will a hit with your hermit crabs. Make sure to place these items before calculating how many hermit crabs you can fit within the tank
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