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Discussion in 'Emergency Care - 911.' started by frenchpea2002, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. I was really thinking how much we needed one, so I made one!  I'm not sure if there was already one in the making or whatnot, but here's what I have so far.  Any suggestions would be great!  I'm not sure if it's too long or not...

    Crab Care Template

    If you are having a problem with a crab, please copy, paste, and complete this template so those helping you can have an idea of your tank and the conditions and spot anything amiss or potentially amiss that may be causing your problem.  Itâ??ll help us help you and save time on both ends!  


    1. Tank size and type (glass, plastic, etc)?

    2. Type of lid or cover?

    3. Type of substrate used and depth?

    4. Temperature of the â??tat?

    5. Temperature of the substrate?

    6. Humidity in the â??tat?

    7. Type and location of gauges?

    8. Source of heat (heating pad/lamp) and/or humidity (tropic-air/misting)?

    9. Types of food fed (commercial or homemade)?

    10. How often do you switch out food?  

    11. Types of water available (fresh and/or salt)?  If salt water is used, what brand and how
               much salt to water do you mix it with?

    12. Decholorinator used?  If so, does it have stress coat in it?  

    13. How deep are the water dishes?

    14. Do you use sponges in the water?  If so, how often are they exchanged and sterilized?

    15. How many crabs are in the tank?

    16. How long have you had them?

    17. Do you know what species they are?

    18. Have you had a successful molt with them?

    19. If you take them out of the tank for a length of time, do you mist their gills first?

    20. Do you bathe them, if so, in what kind of water and how frequently?

    21. Are there any unusual odors in the tank?  If so, what are they like, like a gym sock smell,
                fishy smell, etc?

    22. Has there been anything new added to the tank recently?

    23. Are your hands clean before handling the crabs or anything in the tank?

    24. Has there been any smoking, candles, perfumes, hair sprays, air fresheners, or paint near the â??tat?

    25.  Do you use anything to clean the tank (inside or out) such as glass cleaner, bleach, etc?
              if so, is it with the crabs in  or out, and if out, how soon are they returned to the 'tat?

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