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Help! Patches BP has fallen OFF!!

Discussion in 'Emergency Care - 911.' started by ItsMeg, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. ItsMeg

    ItsMeg "First Molt, A Success"

    Sep 16, 2007
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    Bowling Green
    Temp and humidity are fine, food is going well with the other crabs. He is still moving inside of the shell but will not come out. I'm extremely worried and am severely lost on what to do...Help, please? :(


  2. vckums

    vckums Moderator

    Dec 20, 2005
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    I know you said temp/humidity and food are fine, but please be specific as to what they are. Fill this out and hopefully we can help.

    Before posting in this forum asking for help, please take a few moments to copy & paste the questions below into you post. The answers provided will give us better insight into your crab keeping methods and will help us to determine where the problem may lie.

    The template may not apply to all questions, in which case-please do not feel obligated to use it. It is basically for people who are seeking answers as to where they may be going wrong with their crab care methods.

    <span class="ev_code_PURPLE">
    How long have you had the crab(s) in question?

    Do you know what species they are?

    Did you/Do you isolate new crabs?

    Tank Size:

    Lid Type:

    Placement of tank in your home:

    Substrate Used (moist or dry & depth):

    Type of Gauges: Strip/Analog/Digital

    Did you test your humidity gauge for accuracy?

    Placement of Gauges:

    Temperature and Humidity levels in your tank: Degrees %

    Heating Source (if UTH how much of the tank does it cover and how much substrate is over it):

    Lighting Source (type bulbs & wattage):

    Do you have at least one area for each crab to hide?

    Is there any metal in your tank?

    What types of climbing things/toys do you have in your tank?

    What type of water do you use (dechlorinated tap/spring water)?

    If you use dechlorinating drops-which kind?

    Do your provide fresh and salt water? If yes, what type of salt mix do you use?

    Do you provide dishes for water or just sponges?

    How many extra shells do you have for each crab?

    Did you boil the shells prior to putting them in the tank?

    Do you bathe your crabs? If yes, how often and what do you use to bathe them in?

    Do you only handle your crabs with clean hands?

    How often do you handle them?

    Have they been exposed to toxins such as chemical/cleaning fumes, perfume, spray deodorant, etc?

    Do you allow your crabs to exercise outside the tank?

    What types of foods do you feed?

    What do you use as a calcium supplement?

    If you can't answer all of them, answer as many quetions as truthfully as you can so we can get started!
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