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have you...

Discussion in 'Discussions, Theories and Trial Ideas' started by hermit595, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. hermit595

    hermit595 Guest

    has anyone notessed the deaths of hermit crabs lately?

    these are the one I'v tracked down so far:
    Egghead(from:hermit crabs r us)
    Smalls(from:hermit crabs r us)
    star(from:hermit crabs r us)
    Sophia(one of mine)
    Seem to have died the same way...
    Oh ya Avery is dieing the same way to...
  2. hermit595

    hermit595 Guest

    I fund the cur!!!
    It's apple sauceĀ  and videmon C!
    My hermit crab Avery lived she did not die! :straw: :hermzpoo: :cringle: :shell1: :smallhi:
  3. There was probably a lot of nutrients in vitamin d. I think if you go off the commercial food diet, you need to use fruits, veggies, MEAT or peanut-butter or chickpeas, cheese, and bread. Anything that is safe but al food groups

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