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Hair clumbs on front of legs and digging down after they come back up

Discussion in 'General questions about care.' started by acrabbymomma, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. acrabbymomma

    acrabbymomma Guest

    The reason why i asked is Scooter my biggest has these hard hair bunches on the outside of the middle of this two front legs, they are hairy, but feels like rope, he does not move around a bunch and as long as the other crabs leave him alone he is fine. he used to come out for me when i picked him up now he squirms and doesn't want to be picked up or even looked at. I was worried something was wrong with scooter. The middle sized crabs i have have the hair on the back of their legs i can feel it when they crouch and stretch when they walk on your hands. that his Hermie's favorite thing to do crawl on my hands would do it all day if i let him.
    Oh do crabs taste with their antenna also? because when i first pick up Hermie, all he does it tap me with his attune, i never feel it but i have noticed. how do you know if a crab a particular large one who seems uncomfortable in his shell is going to shed?
    sorry for so many questions but you guys are the only people who i know who have had any success in their crabs.

    Another thing before i forget i was moving the wetter moister sand down to the bottom of the tank hopefully to help with humidity as I do not really know how to make humidity in there without going elaborate and don't really have money for elaborate, but that was off the the topic sorry. but i found my Mini Bob. i got him up and out oftheir so i would not cover him up in a way that he could not get back up.
    Be had sad caught up in his big claw so i made him a sea water soak,
    he did not come out in the soak period, but i dried off his shell and put him back in the tank and decided to give them all a soak, the others like it a bunch but because i m not sure about how long to letthem soak i only left them in for about a min. they ally lifted out of the soak relaxed and left their legs hanging like a person does after a good massage, but. i dried them off, and changed out their water and changed their food, yet again today.(someone is going potty in the food dish me thinks) black strands that look like fish poo., but he finally Mini Bob finally got up and he was really moving around again he was in and out of both water dishes spent quite a bit of time in the salt water dish, and quite a bit of time sitting in the food dish sat in their for almost a half an hour a piece, but last night he was crawling around and  all over other crabs but yet again this morning i found him going back under the sand and fb. Only the tip of his shell was see before we took kids to bus stop when we came back he was digging deeper and his shell was almost completely under the sand and fb, but lunch time he wont be able to be seen. Is this normal, or do i have to worry about smelling and finding a dead Mini Bob!?!

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