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Goodbye Farley...I will miss you.

Discussion in 'Hermit Crab Obituaries - In Memory Of "Skip".' started by littleredcrabby, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. In memory of Farley...
    I don't know what happened!  Farley was the most active and most friendly of all my hermies.  The other day I saw him wading in his pool for the first time.  That was the first time I had seen any of them in the water...I watched for a few minutes until he climbed out.  Last night when I came home from work, I looked in to check on them and there he was...on his side, hanging out of his shell, submerged in the water...I had plenty of river pebbles in the bottom, so I know he could have climbed out!  He was my favorite little buddy and I will miss him alot. :crybaby2:
  2. iluvhermies

    iluvhermies Guest

    :hug2: :huggies: Sorry to hear about your lose.
  3. gotcrabs

    gotcrabs Guest

    I'm sorry to hear about that. He is a very adorable, colorful crab.

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