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Forum Ettiquette & Information...PLEASE READ

Discussion in 'The Sand Castle Lounge' started by kuplakrabs, Dec 13, 2005.

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  1. kuplakrabs

    kuplakrabs "Second Molt, A Success"

    Oct 3, 2004
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    Western NY
    If you are new to forums, these are a few things to keep in mind while you are posting.

    <UL TYPE=SQUARE>Utilize the search option to locate threads/posts that may already provide you with the answers to your questions. Also check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) page.

    Read archived materials located in the library section called Carved In Stone

    Read featured threads ! in each of the forums. Often you can find updates, tips, or helpful information within these threads.

    Assign specific thread titles instead of using generic titles such as "HELP" or "What in the world...?????" or my favorite "??????". This will make it possible for people to find your post during a search and for people to be more likely to read your post.
    These are discussions about a single topic. Any and all updates pertaining to that topic should be posted within the same thread to make following the discussion easier. For example, if you have a crab that won't change shells and you start a thread with the title My crab won't change shells, do not start another thread to let everyone know that s/he finally did. Just update your original thread.

    Sometimes threads are posted, but an Administrator or Moderator feels it is better suited to a different forum. In this case your thread may be moved. If you log in and can't find a thread you have posted, check the other forums. Usually I will send you a pm to let you know to which forum it has been moved.

    Individual posts make up threads. Try to "stay on topic" by posting information relative to the thread topic. If you have other information to discuss with a member, you may do so via the private messaging system.

    In most forums typing everything in upper case letters is considered "yelling" and is also very difficult to read. Please use discretion when using upper case letters.

    To make it easier for people to read your post, the use of paragraphs is encouraged. You are also more likely to have more people read the post as well. A post without paragraphs is too run together and tiresome on the eyes to read.

    Old Threads:
    Threads that have been inactive for a long time are generally not responded to unless there is newer pertinent informtion that will update that topic. Check the dates of threads prior to responding-especially in threads where people are introducing themselves.

    Post count and Karma Points:
    These numbers are provided, but truly have no direct correlation on your crabbing experience or knowledge. If you really want to get a feel for the experience a member has, click on their user name check out their public profile and better yet, read the posts that they have made.

    On occasion, the forum is cleaned up and older posts are deleted. Your post count will go down as a result, but your Karma level will not be effected.

    Courtesy and Respect:
    The use of the emotion icons (or smilies) can really help make a point/clarify what feeling your post should have. Please don't use them to poke fun or embarrass another member- rolling eyes for instance- at another persons suggestions or signature content. Moderators and Admins are here to make sure the forum runs smoothly for Jason. If a Mod/Admin asks you to refrain from doing something in a thread, you need to listen to them. The rules here at HCRU are pretty simple and when you sign up to the forum you agree to the rules.

    Sometimes we get the occasional troll on the forum who decides to post rather offensive material. Please read this thread with regard to such instances.

    Adding Pictures to Posts:
    Step-by-step instructions on how to add a picture to your post can be found here.

    Condolences and Sympathy:
    Unfortunately, we all have crabs that do not make it and we would like to pay tribute to them by posting in the In Memory of Skip forum. Please limit your replies to this forum. If you would like to personally offer your condolences to other members, a private message is often more meaningful.

    In an effort to keep this site affordable for the owner(s) (and free for its members), we will not be able to permit html in signatures. It takes up too much space and allowing each member to use it would make the monthly bills less managable. Please try to keep your signature under 4 lines.

    Regarding other Hermit Crab forums and websites:
    Promoting other Hermit Crab forums or websites in your posts, signatures, or in any way on the forum is not permitted. If you would like to post regarding other Hermit Crab forums or websites, please email me first Jason (a) hercrabsrus.com.

    If you have any questions, feel free to post them or send a private message (PM) to one of the Administrators or Moderators by clicking on their name and selecting "Invite (name) to a Private Topic".
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  2. vckums

    vckums Moderator

    Dec 20, 2005
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    Re: Forum Ettiquette & Information...PLEASE READ

    I moved this thread so that new members would have access to it. All members please read.

    Thank you!
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