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Food Warning: Chrysanthemum

Discussion in 'What's Cooking? - Not Poison!' started by Kali_Ma, Feb 13, 2005.

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  1. Kali_Ma

    Kali_Ma (Small Crab)

    Dec 17, 2004
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    Oakland, CA
    I started a hermit food discussion group on Yahoo, the Epicurean Hermit. Almost immediately, people started asking me which cooking and medicinal herbs were safe for crabs.

    Guess what? There's hardly any information out there at all, with the exception of The All-Natural Hermit Crab Sourcebook. I just got two large books from Amazon yesterday about holistic care for pets, but haven't had a chance to go through them yet, and frankly, I can't see them knowing too much on the subject of crustacea.

    I got really tired of trying to figure out what was good and what was bad on my own, and put up a query on the CRUST-L Listserver, for help from the scientists -- it's what I pay my membership fee to Crustacean Society for, after all. Basically, I asked for any information on natural compounds in plants that are harmful to crustacea, i.e., what they knew about limonene, etc. and also any plants in general.

    The information has started to come back this morning. The first reply is as follows:

    "John Seccombe <info@aquahort.com>
    Feb 12

    I've been warning people around the world, how dangerous is Pyrethrum sprays are in strengths to kill spiders.
    That spray is 4 times stronger, than normal fly spray.
    In Western Australia, in a recycled system, it killed 2 tonne of crabs, in South of New Zealand in a live Lobster holding system, it killed 2 tonne of Lobster, and took 3 complete flushings, before it stopped killing lobster.
    I've had 3 fish shops in New Zealand over the past 2 years loose up to 50 kg of lobster over night in their tanks from the fixed automatic fly spray systems.
    Regards ><{{{(*>
    John Seccombe
    Aquahort Ltd <'')}}}}><
    Auckland, New Zealand"

    Pyrethrum is derived from chrysanthemum.

    No chrysanthemum for crabs.
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