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Cy molted!!! Finally!!!

Discussion in 'Say Cheese' started by starmaiden, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. starmaiden

    starmaiden "Preparing For Fourth Molt"

    Nov 18, 2006
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    I've been waiting for this for almost a year! :juggle:
    Cy Molt 1...CLICKY
    Geeze it's 'bout time!!! CLICKY

    And a few other molters came up lately too!
    Ryukyu CLICKY
    Ryukyu and Marshall have a feeler war CLICKY
    Marshall is in Ryukyu's old favorite spot CLICKY
    Andi molted too, but lost lots of color CLICKY
    Andi from the side and Marshall hiding off to the right CLICKY
    Nikki also molted and lost color! CLICKY
    You can see how bleached out she is :( CLICKY

    Nikki before CLICKY
    Andi before CLICKY

    Crusty and Rusty, my two adoptees, molted as well. But surprise!!! Rusty is actually a girl!!! Sheesh!!! How did I miss that? :oops: I'll have to check Crusty again!
    Crusty molt two CLICKY
    Rusty molt three CLICKY

    Lanka molted again as well CLICKY
    A pic of Kyushu and one of the Violas CLICKY

    Sadly I lost one of my Straws, Redford, and one of my teeny ruggies, Ari I think, to terminal molts. :( But Redlinger, another Straw, just had a successful molt, he was just feeling a bit camara shy.

    Thanks for looking folks! :)

    HERMEZ Moderator

    Dec 22, 2005
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    WAY to GO CY!!!!!!!!! :dance2:

    all the babies look great- CONGRATS! :partyhat4:
  3. justanoob

    justanoob Guest

    Very good news about Cy :dance2: it sure looks like it was well worth the wait. :thumbsup: All look awesome, congrats on all of them :shake:
  4. Crabaddict

    Crabaddict Guest

    Cy looks great! So glad he finally molted for you, he has amazing coloration :banana:

    You have an awesome clan there... Lanka looks kewl! Congrats on all the successful molts :dance2:
  5. shmama

    shmama Guest

    They are all very CUTE! What a nice colony you have! :banana:
  6. *Kathy*

    *Kathy* Guest

    I can't pick a favorite!!! They are all so cute! So glad that Cy finally molted for you....I know how frustrating it is when they don't. (I currently have 2 medium ruggies that desperately need to molt, but so far nothing!)
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