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Clancy the Fattie!

Discussion in 'Say Cheese' started by LolaGranola, Jan 15, 2006.

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  1. LolaGranola

    LolaGranola Guest

    Here's a picture of my piggie crab who eats all day every day. Funny, catching him by the food bowl.

  2. *Kathy*

    *Kathy* Guest

    LOL!!!  Cute & chubby crabby you have there, Michelle!

    I have a Cav that spends hours at the food dish.  Since she completed her first molt with me a month ago, she has developed a real appetite!
  3. Blaze

    Blaze Guest

    Aw what a cute picture! Couldn't ya just hug his cute little chubby self? :icon_biggrin:
  4. he is cute! usually it's the E's that are "chubby!"

    HERMEZ Moderator

    Dec 22, 2005
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    I love the Chubby ones......... :icon_biggrin:
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