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brand new to everything..

Discussion in 'The Welcome Rock' started by ihavecrabs_:), Jul 10, 2007.

  1. hi =]
    My name is Giovanna and I'm turning 15 in August  :banana:
    I live in south Florida and I bought my very first hermie(PP) at a beach shop in Marco Island (somewhere on the southwest coast of FL) about a week ago and i named him Kenny. it came with one of those KK things, hermit crab food, a sponge, and a paper with fair information on how to care for him..

    I was on vacation at the time, so i couldn't do much research but i managed to make him as comfortable as possible in the 3 or 4g KK thing. I put in about 2 in. of filtered beach sand, spring bottled water,  food, extra shells that i bought at the beach shop, and a log with holes for hiding.

    after i arrived home, i did a massive load of research and got all the information i could get.
    Kenny is still living inside the little KK but not for long..
    I'm going later today to Petco to get all the necessities I need to build a brand new crabitat for him.

    as i have read, it is recommended to have at least 2 crabs because they are really social animals. and i am going to add a new friend to the new crabitat as soon as it is ready and running.
    any suggestions of where to purchase hermies?

    Kenny is doing ok right now, he spends his time in his shell a lot though. but i guess its because he's not really used to everything.
    lately Ive been feeding him lettuce w/ the hermit crab food and he seems to be eating it..

    this site is really great as i can tell and I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone :huggies:

  2. gotcrabs

    gotcrabs Guest

    I would recommend going to PetCo. The PetCo I have down here in Colorado is very nice. they have almost everything right. Except for painted shelled crabs. Petsmart isn't too good. Go to PetCo.  :welcome:
  3. Ortley_Crab

    Ortley_Crab Guest

    Welcome to the site! :welcome:
    Kenny is probably just destressing at the moment, so try to leave him alone as much as possible for the time being. Then, you can get to bonding with your new hermie. :)
    gotcrabs: I have the oppostie problem by me. Petsmart is excellent and has a huge tank and all for all of the animals. PetCo 1) Doesn't have hermit crabs 2) Has horrible conditions for the rodents they have. :no:
  4. gotcrabs

    gotcrabs Guest

    :think: hmm... that's interesting. Maybe it varies depending on where your living. You might want want to call all your local pet stores and 1) See if they have hermit crabs (not crabs!) :hilarious: and 2) Go down there and check the conditions. Have fun with your new crabbies!
  5. Well I ended up going to a local pet store because the nearest Petco and Petsmart were a little on the far side.
    The small store I went to had everything I needed but there hermit crabs were in horrible condition! to start off, there wasn't any water in there water bowl!!!
    They only had about 1 cm high of blue calci sand, the food looked as if it had been there for days, and the poor hermies had the wrong shell sizes.(a few crabs couldn't fully fit into there shells)
    It was soooo sad to see.. :crybaby2:
    They only had around 5 crabs...which I couldn't even imagine what happend to the rest  :dontknow:

    Besides that problem, I ended up purchasing a used 10g tank for 5$ saying it was for a school project lol

    And as for a friend for kenny, I rescued one of the crabs from the horrible conditions and part of his leg was missing =(
    I named him Carson and him and kenny are doing great in there new crabitat!
    Kenny ended up changing his shell twice, which was so exciting to watch by the way, and he seems to be more active now which is great!
    I'll send some pics soon once i get my camera to work..

  6. Ortley_Crab

    Ortley_Crab Guest

    I must ask, are you going for a South Park theme in the names? :p
    Well, I'm quite sure that Carson is very happy that he left that awful store.  A small petstore near me has horrible conditions for the hermies, but lots of good products. :protest:
  7. actually no i wasn't really going for southpark names lol
    i named Kenny after my boyfriend, and Carson because I love that name for some reason..
    I guess it was just a coincidence ::)

    I decided to start volunteering at that same petstore because I'm too young to start working but hopefully I can make a few changes to the way they take care of their hermies for the time being..
  8. vckums

    vckums Moderator

    Dec 20, 2005
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