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Brand New Hermie Mommie~~sum questions

Discussion in 'The Welcome Rock' started by CrabbyOne_07, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. CrabbyOne_07

    CrabbyOne_07 Guest

    Hi to ALL!! I'm new to this whole hermit crab thing, but i'm so in love with it. I'm trying to learn as much as possible so that I succeed in giving my hermies the best home possible. I do have some questions...so here goes:
    1. Which is the best to put for the bottom of the tank? I was going to put sand, from what I've read so far sand is the most popular & easiest to deal with...is that a good choice? Right now the bottom of the aquarium has fish rocks...I'm going hermit crab shopping this weekend (saturday)...will they be ok until then on those lil rocks?

    2. Do I really need to get all these thermometers & heating devices? I live in Louisiana so it's pretty much warm like 10 months out the 12 months over here & my AC is never any lower than 75 during the day or night.

    3. As far as salt water goes for the hermit crabs, I do have an extra shell for water...but how do I know how many little salt crystals to put for just the lil bit of water in the shell?? Do I really need to mix a whole gallon to get the right amount of salt in the water for them or can i just throw a couple little crystals in the shell??

    4. Do I really need at least a 10 gallon aquarium for 3 hermit crabs?? Right now they are in a 5 gallon.

    5. Names...I'm stumped on names, I like unique names. I have named one so far but the other 2 need names, any suggestions?

    6. I have the little hermit crab carrier that I bought for them while we were in Florida, can I later use that as my iso are for them when needed and for new crabs?

    7. I have read that you aren't supposed to play with the hermit crabs when you first get them. I have picked them up and held them a few times already, should I leave them be until after I fix their new home?

    OK, that pretty much sums it up, any advice would be greatly appreciated....I plan on keeping these little critters alive and well...I really like them! They're so cute! Thanks in advance to anyone who replies with any helpful info!

  2. Crabaddict

    Crabaddict Guest

    Hi and welcome to the Addiction! I'll try to answer your questions as best I can.

    1. You can use playsand or coconut fiber as a substrate for your hermit crab tank. Playsand is cheaper than sand you will find at the petstore and also the healthiest type. Colored sand or calcium sand is not recommended as the calci-sand will not hold the proper moisture and colored sand is not healthy for them.
    Coconut fiber (Eco- Earth, Bed a Beast or Forest bed) are also great to use in your crabitat, as this material holds moisture well and allows your hermies to burrow in it when they want to molt.
    Playsand also allows for them to dig and burrow as well. Just make sure the sand is wet enough to about sand castle consistency, not sopping wet. Also, whatever substrate you use should be double the height of your largest crab (or more if you like) as to allow for a proper molt.
    Your crabs will be OK until Saturday when you go shopping for them in the fish rocks.

    2. Absolutely yes! It's best to monitor what is happening inside the crabitat at all times. Investing in a good quality humidistat and thermometer are a good idea. Heating pads/lights are good in the winter months. Your tanks temp should never fall below 80* and the humidity should also be at around 80*

    3. I personally don't mix an entire gallon of salt water, but instead mix it daily by cup or 8oz. I also don't use shell dishes for water, if you can try to invest in water dishes that your hermies can submerge if they want to.

    4. How big are your crabs? I don't remember the formula of how many inches of crab to how many gallons, but I know hermit crabs are HIGHLY addictive so investing in a bigger tank now will save you money in the long run. Don't forget, hermit crabs travel for miles at night in search of food, mates and shells so a big tank will help stretch those crabby legs.

    5. I rarely name my crabs and if I do it's because something stood out about that particular one. I do keep a journal on them though, with pics, date purchased, fav. foods and molting.

    6. A critter carrier is not an ideal iso tank. It will not hold humidity or temp as well as a glass tank.

    7. It's a good idea to leave your hermies alone when first brought home. They are plucked from the wild and need some time to adjust to their environment.

    I hope this helps and have fun shopping for your new friends. BTW, we like pics here so feel free to post them!
  3. CrabbyOne_07

    CrabbyOne_07 Guest

    Hey, Thanks so much for all the help! Its much appreciated! :thanks: How do i post pics of the crabs for u to see, i took a pic of the aquarium i have them in and a pic of all 3 of them, i would like for u to see them so u can tell me what u think. Are there any certain name brand heating pads or lights that i need to look for?? Right now the aquarium they are in have the aquarium bulbs, i pretty much keep the light on a good portion of the day but i also turn it of the other part so that they dont get too hot. Now as for the iso tank, any suggestions on what i can use or buy? I want to make sure i have everything these little guys need. again thanks for the reply...any more ur willing to dish out would be awesome!!!
  4. Crabaddict

    Crabaddict Guest

    You're welcome, anytime!
    Here's a link on how to post pics:

    No there aren't any specific name brands for lights or heating pads, but I know most crabber's here use the most popular ones available in national chain pet stores.
    The aquarium bulbs are fine, but this is why you need to get a thermometer to monitor the heat levels; heat should not exceed 80-85 degrees or your crabs will cook! A thermostat or rheostat will help monitor the heat and turn your heating devices on and off for you.

    Your iso can be a 10 gal. fish tank for example.

    Here's a link to more info on crab care:
  5. *Kathy*

    *Kathy* Guest

    Just wanted to say, HELLO! And :welcome:
  6. vckums

    vckums Moderator

    Dec 20, 2005
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  7. CrabbyOne_07

    CrabbyOne_07 Guest

    :thanks: thanks everyone for the welcome and for the helpful info...im going today to finish getting their stuff together...so excited!! have a great weekend and labor day!!
  8. crabbee

    crabbee "First Molt In Progress"

    Aug 19, 2007
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    Hi again, and welcome. :straw:

    1. I started with sand on the bottom or our tank but recently have expanded into Eco-Earth. The jury is still out on which I like better. lol

    2. You can get the thermometer that is combined with the meter that measures humidity (hy..gro...meter...something? Sorry, the name escapes me). I prefer the digital one...I'm lazy like that. lol

    3. The smallest amount of salt (and dechlor) waters I mix is 16 oz and that lasted me a week or so. That was with 4 crabs. We have many more crabs now so I mix gallons AND the 2 bottles of each.

    4. I agree that you can make the most of tank space with layers and things to climb on. If/when you upgrade to a 10 (or more? lol) gallon tank, the 5 gallon makes a great ISO tank.

    5. Names...we let our kids name our crabs. As a young child I had 2 turtles and named them...Turtle 1 and Turtle 2-creative, eh? Not. lol Any wonder I leave the naming pf crabs to others?

    6. I have one of those little, round, screen-like containers. I always thought it'd make a great ISO area INSIDE of the larger tank but I haven't tried it so could be wrong.

    7. I think some crabs are ok with a little holding and human contact sooner than others. If they are reclusive-I let them be. If they aren't as scared-I can't resist. lol
  9. CrabbyOne_07

    CrabbyOne_07 Guest

    Thanks again everyone for being so helpful! Well i went to petsmart this weekend and got a few things, umm an UTH for the crabs..but then realized u have to have a glass tank for those and the one i have isnt glass, its like a lil plexi-glass type i think...or maybe even plastic...i found this bottle of salt water solution for the hermies there, i got a bottle to try out...seems to be doing well...im just so lazy when it come to having to mix stuff and dechlorinate water, i have a full time job not couting my 3 1/2 yr old...so sometimes i dont have time for that kinda stuff. and of course we got them a big 50lb bag of play sand...i fix their tank lastnite and they are so loving it...they move around so much more now! i love watching them!! OH....and we have names now......Kel, Pepsi, and Pinkee! I'm pretty excited about that too! Now i just have to get some pictures for u guys to see them....oh, i have this wondering....can i paint their shells....2 of them are already painted, i wanted to paint the 3rd one...his shell is kinda dingy..what type of paint do i use? i bought the seperate lil meters...i got a thermometer and a hygrometer...so far my numbers have been pretty good and like i said, they are all moving around so much more...so im guessing they are way more comfy....as far as heat goes im just using the aquarium lights...seems to be doing a good job...ok..well just wanted to let u guys know how everything was going and ask a couple more questions....hope everyone has a good nite... :bye:
  10. CrabbyOne_07

    CrabbyOne_07 Guest

    question....do these critters move shells for the hell of it? i have one that is sorta digging around but hasnt actually buried himself....he move shells this morning...should i be worried??
  11. gotcrabs

    gotcrabs Guest

    totally normal. those guys are destructive. very destructive. lol.
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