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Bad Molts? Please check here

Discussion in 'Emergency Care - 911.' started by vckums, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. vckums

    vckums Moderator

    Dec 20, 2005
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    If you have any bad molts, Could you have supporting pictures showing these possible bad molt/deformities. These pictures are very important for being able to source the cause of a problem.There is a template on the way, but for now we'd really appreciate pictures and any information you have available at this time.
  2. *Kathy*

    *Kathy* Guest

    Poor Sebastian!  But, he seem to be doing just fine for now.  Hoping for a quick & successful molt next time.  This is my first bad molt.



  3. putertutor

    putertutor Guest

  4. Shadow

    Shadow Guest

    Guess I'll add mine... More to follow (E pictures)

    My PP Io, November.
    Inner left leg was damaged, about 1/3 normal size.

    Post molt, later January.
    Passed away three weeks after being disturbed during molt. Dropped two left legs (second one a few days after this photo).

    Ayanami, an adopted E did yet another surprise molt on me.
    Ayanami, late January very pre-molt.

    Came up today, missing far left leg, pale yellow/orange and shy. (Will upload post molt pictures tomorrow)

    And finally another E, so far unnamed came up from a molt about 2 weeks ago, missing both the outer left and right legs. No pre-molt picture, will upload post tomorrow.

    I suspect the last two troublesome E molts were linked to commercial foods; the person I adopted both E's from fed almost only commercial foods.

    On a happier note, my Ecuadorian Callisto completed his second flawless molt last night. Looking great!  :icon_thumleft:

    Edit: 2/19/06 Both E's reburied and I spotted one up today. Will upload pictures later.

    Also I have had 2 more molters... Callisto and Proteus, both their second molts with me! Proteus has apparantly dropped his far left leg. This is my FOURTH crab (molters) to drop his/her far left leg! I'd really like to know what is going on... One was fatal.
  5. I don't handle my hermies that much, so when I had them out for the deep clean I check on all of them, and was a bit dissapointed to find a few deformities. 

    the first is in one of my straws.  if you look, his back leg on the left side of the picture is curled at the end.  It looks very similar to the straw on crabbytalk actually.  This straw was purchased at Petco.  I'm unsure where the PP was bought, since I got him from someone else.





    and here are pictures of a PP that looks like his leg just doesn't bend quite right:



    and then this is another pp who's bp looks punctured:

    same thin, only a few days later:

    all of these happened during molts with me.  They are fed no comercial food, all have access of deep pools of salt and fresh decholor only (no stress coat) water, both playsand and eco earth (although I am not sure which one they molted in, other than the bottom one, that was EE).  temp and humidity are stable and within normal limits. 
  6. RFcrabs

    RFcrabs Guest

    Thanks for the pictures everyone! I will soon have the folder ready for these...I will also have a template for you to complete with your submissions. For the time being I think it might be a good idea to ask you to include the store at which you purchased you crab at. I am trying to rule out deformity that may relate to how they may be treating crabs with an anti-biotic wash...some stores do not do it, others do. So if you could add that piece of info right now to your pictures here I would appreciate it!

  7. Cmora

    Cmora Guest

    I just had my first unsuccessful molt.  A big E "Barney" did not make it and I found him this morning.  I should have taken pictures :BangHead:.....so I could show you all but the kids and I buried him in the back yard and put pretty rocks and flowers on his grave site.
    I'm NOT digging him up. :)

    I am very puzzled by his molt. :dontknow:  I have switched over to "fresh" foods in the last month.  He had fresh dechlor. and IO water bowls changed out every day.  All my crabs get bathed in stress coat about every 3 weeks.  Temps are about 78 with humidity in the 80s consistently.

    He had molted in the EE way down at the bottom.

    I found all of his EXO.  His legs, BP were all there still very soft.  The only thing I could see visably was that his head was not formed right and no eye stalks at all. 

    This E was the only Hermit crab I have ever had that refused to change out of his PAINTED shell into a nice NATURAL Shell.  Sort of strange that my only crab without a NATURAL shell was my only crab to pass on.  My daughter swears he ate too many paint chips and that is what got "Barney".

    Anybody have any idea's / advice?

  8. phinny

    phinny Guest

    Help  phinny died 2 weeks ago, he laid tight in his shell in the same spot with no movement at all for 2 weeks we finally burried him in the garden. Now Romero hide himself in the Coconut hut but didnt burry himself. He is pale and hasnt moved in over a week even when picked up. He almost falls out of his shell. I am new to this and am not shure if he is molting or dead. he hasnt got any bubles on his legs and smells like pee. I put the hut back over him and have left him alone other then lifting the hut to check on him. I cant find Jim either its beena week havnt seen him . We did change the habitat just over a week ago when we got Cameron who is a medium sized PP he is to big to fit in the hut but he is huge next to Romero and Jim who are tiny and we think equidorian since they are green and have dark stripes. we added more coconut substrate and and put an airtube and filter into the saltwater dish and glass top on the Habitat trying to keep the heat up. Our UT heater was barely holding at 70degrees. We also added Christmas lights around the tank and the heat has been holding at 72 degrees but the humidity keeps going to 99% so then we open the glass to let some out. I an afaid we have lost Jim and Romero in addition to Phinny. We got Phinny at the Walmart in Racine, WI he was in a cup. We got Jim and Romero from Pets Supplies Plusin a nice habitat and we got Camereon from Petco even though they had several crabs in painted shells we bought Cameron causee  he was freindly and in a natural shell and even he seems a little lathargic now. HELP we really love our crabs and dont want to lose any more.  He havnt used any chemicals in the tank cleaning and add a detoxifier to any water salt or fresh or to clean the tank we boilded all the toys ib the tank in detoxed water and used detoxed water in the cocunut substarite that lines the bottom of the tank and have sand on one side of the tank and mor cocnut on the other we have a 1 inch salt water dish and a half shelf for the fresh water and a half shell for their food I have feen them caned tropical fruit fresh brocoli and other veggies, crab cakes and cherrioes they seem to love the cherrios. I dont know what we are doing wrong? the have a 10 gallon tank and plastic plants and real coral and a peice of drift wood, and lots of natural shells of all types all things have been boiled. HELP!
  9. Jedi_sena

    Jedi_sena Guest

    Tumbler looked horrible after his last molt and is very near death today.  Here are his photos:
    Here is the first day or so after surfacing.  Each leg segment has grains of sand embedded in the new exo and each segment has an extra bend where the exo was stressed before hardening.  His coloring is peachy and pale but his activity seemed good and he was fairly hard.  You can see how he looked next to a healthy E.
    Here you can see the bacterial infection starting on his last leg segment.  It finally darkened almost black and crumbled away.  I was told that it was not shell rot, but a bacterial infection which are highly contagious and aggressive.
    Here he is today on his death bed and you can see that his color is darker, but all wrong.
  10. vckums

    vckums Moderator

    Dec 20, 2005
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    :'( I am so sorry Jedi. I wish there was a magic cure-all...
  11.     One of my hermits has been "missing" for about a week now; during bathtime today, I discovered a small pile of what can only be described as "grey squidgy matter." It has a small white thing waving from out of it. I am always very careful to be sure that the hermits haven't hidden any food away, and this pile is too large to be food!
          Do I carefully poke around there and see if I can find a shell, leave it alone, or assume it was a VERY bad molt and throw the mess away (or, any advice on how to feed a small grey lump?)  :-\
          Help! I've never seen anything like this before. I've had several sucessful molts in my tank, including 2 from a crab that loves to molt above ground.
  12. Shadow

    Shadow Guest

    What it sounds like you're describing is an exoskeleton. What exactly can you make out? Could that white thing be an abdomen?? Where did you find it?

    Photos would really help as well.

    I'd recommend against throwing anything out until you know for sure what it is.
  13. hermiesrokmysox

    hermiesrokmysox (Large Crab)

    Mar 17, 2006
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    how big was it? i know one time when i had gnats in my tank their magats were wat and were like slug but very small.
  14. maboss

    maboss Guest

    how do u know when its a bad molt?
  15. jesyca

    jesyca Guest

    Lastnight I was just about to go to bed but I decided to spray the crab tank first. Thats when I saw something red. I picked it up and it was a leg or something of my strawberry crab. So anyways, long story short, I found her under the salt water dish, molting, with everything missing except her small claw and 2 of her legs. The top part of her shell (on her back) was almost off. I quickly put her in the iso with about 82/82 heat and humidity. I woke up thismorning and she was dead. What on earth could have caused something like that to happen?
  16. 5kittens

    5kittens "Second Molt, A Success"

    Jun 30, 2008
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    Molting... are you sure that you just saw the exo?  Are you positive he's dead??  My guess is that you disturbed him mid molt and he passed due to interuption.  Straws are very difficult to keep.  They are the toughest crab species to care for in my opinion.  I don't know what to tell you really!  :crybaby2: I 'm sorry for your loss.
  17. Im sorry jesyca
  18. ILoveMyCrabs

    ILoveMyCrabs Hi, I'm New Here!

    Apr 15, 2009
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    I have a molting Hermit Crab called Vinnie, anyway, a couple of weeks ago I was searching through the sand for him because I hadn't seen him in ages. I finally found him, he was curled up in his shell (And he looked way smaller) while his exo-skeleton was next to him.
    Obviously he was in the middle of a molt, so I left him alone... But he has been in there for another week now and he hasn't even come up out of the sand. Now all the other Hermit Crabs (Especially Edna & Popcorn) have been trying to dig him up so I surrounded him with an ice-cream container which has no lid and no bottom. Also, another one of my Hermit Crabs was next to him when I first dug him up. I removed him, and put him on the other side of the tank. Now he has burried himself and has placed a whole lot of shells on top of him and I have no idea what is going on!! :dontknow: They have just started to molt and kill each other please help! :straw:
  19. annsminiatures

    annsminiatures Hi, I'm New Here!

    Jun 8, 2009
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    Not sure what happened to my largest crab (Zinx).  He/she came up from a molt last night after about six weeks down missing an eyeball.  Everything seemed perfect before the molt and my other four crabs all molted flawlessly.  He/she is either a small medium or a large small (does that make sense?) - the legspan is approximately 2 - 2 1/2" in diameter.  I have a 20L with 1/3 cocofiber and 2/3 aragonite sand, humidity is typically in the low 80s, and the temp varies from the 70s to the 80s (I need to probably work on stabalizing it and will hook my heater up once it gets cooler here; right now it is just too warm for it).  We've had him for 2 1/2 months now.  The first few weeks we didn't have him in the best conditions (smaller tank with calci sand/hermie soil mix)  but I was fairly quick to change to the current set up.  I ordered the food from this site and have been mostly only feeding that to my guys since I got it.  However, he was already buried at that point.  He was purchased in a painted shell but luckily moved out of it after a few weeks.  Not sure how long he was in it total.  He/she is king or queen of the 'tat and is at least twice as large as the next sized crab so I'm thinking that it probably wasn't any sort of aggression.  I'd love to hear what may have caused this.  Thanks in advance!
  20. emmac350

    emmac350 "Fourth Molt In Progress"

    Oct 29, 2008
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    SE AL
    Wow, sounds like Zinx had a bad molt. The reason that crabs can come up from molts missing body parts has to do with how the molt itself goes. The crab has to pull each limb from the old exo (which can be hard because their new exo is fairly swollen with water in order to break the old exo) as well as his antennae, mouth and related mouth-pieces, and eyes. If a crab is afraid that it won't be able to get the new exo piece out of the old exo, it can basically choose to drop the limb, which is why some crabs come up from their molts missing a leg or a claw. It is a bit more rare for them to be missing an eye, but rest assured that it can grow back. I am posting links to pictures from ladybug15057's photobucket account (her name is Marie, and she's a fellow moderator on the HCP forum) that show Foxy Lady, a crab who she bought (before digital cameras) that was missing her left eye. After a few molts, the eye returned as just a tiny speck but grew with each molt until now, when Marie can't tell which eye was missing just by looking.

    First Pic:


    A few more molts later:


    And a final pic:


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