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baby food, pumpkin, cookies,

Discussion in 'Nutrition & Water' started by scoobdoo, Mar 2, 2011.

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  1. scoobdoo

    scoobdoo "PM Jason For Custom Title"

    Apr 27, 2010
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    so far mine won't touch the mango & chicken babyfood all of it is beechnut , I opened sweet potato & nothing! So I found a can of pumpkin at the store and the it list just pumpkin, so how do I give it to them? just open it & put some in the tank? can I freeze the rest?
    Those crab cookies { Vickie } if ya read this I saw your e mail on my scoob doo late last night & I don't know if responded to it or just read it... But I know there was this ingrediant that starts with an {E} that supposed to bad mine doesn't say that. mine is HBH HERMIT CRAB COOKIES ALL NATURAL BIOLOGIC[ WHEAT FLOUR, FRUCTOSE,CARROTPOWDER,GLYCERIN,SOYBEAN OIL,GLUCONO-DELTALACTTONE,VANILLIAFLAVORING,ROSEMARY EXTRACT,NATURAL MIXED TOCOPHEROLS CITRIC ACID] I MAY HAVE SPELLED SOME WRONG, SMALL WRITING, BI FOCALS & NEEDS NEW ONES!
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