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Alright, This ought to work

Discussion in 'The Sand Castle Lounge' started by MAD, Feb 14, 2009.


Who shall be illustrated this week?

  1. Duggmarr

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  2. Allura

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  3. Arch

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  4. Marhon

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  5. Viele

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  6. Trothgar

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  1. MAD

    MAD "PM Jason For Custom Title"

    Jan 26, 2006
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    Okay, Lyria it is. I had planned to work on her this weekend, but I have a math test monday. I will have her finished by Friday at the latest. Check back every so often.

    Pick who yall want to see next week:

    Current Winner
    Lyria Lamierine Gemellate (Lyria Twin Blades, Italian)
    (Human Female, 6', 165 lbs, Amber colored eyes, Athletic, 1/2 Brunette, 1/2 Redhead (Imagine Long, straight, elegant hair that starts off brunette and then transitions to a coppery red from head to ends)
    She is what I like to call a "Fast Tank", IE a warrior that is more about speed and agility vs heavy armor.
    Specializes in two weapon style, any type of fast weapons. (Usually Short Swords)
    A collector of rare wines and other alcoholic beverages, also a skilled brewmistress
    Also has an uncanny skill with Heavy Crossbows

    Dugmarr Thunderforge
    (Dwarven Male, 5', 235lbs, Stone Colored Eyes, Stocky, Black/Grey hair and beard)
    This is your archtypical dwarven warrior, burly and strong, rough language and gentle heart.
    Takes great pride in his ability to craft weapons and armor of the highest quality, also is in possession of great skill in food preparation. (His perferred menu is heavy on beef and potatoes)
    Master of all types of melee combat, as well as improvised weapons (Is still ridiculed about a famous duel in the city streets where he held off several gang ruffians with a frying pan)

    (Human? Male, 5" 10", 175lbs, Blue/Green Eyes, Long Red/Blonde Hair)
    A very powerful Arch-Wizard suffering from severe retrograde amnesia. Is very skilled with designing machinery, enchanting and creating magical items, and casting all manner of combat magic. Has no real skill with summoning magic, and tends to avoid the school completely. Unlike most students of magic, Arch is skilled in close melee combat. He is rarely seen without his curious, oversized armored gauntlets, which house everything from spell components to retractable blades for close defense.

    Allura Sussurro Do EspĂ­rito (Ghost Whisper, Portugeuse)
    (Elven Female, 5' 4", 131lbs, Cobalt Blue Eyes, Snow White Hair)
    An elegant Bard/Priestess for some good goddess that I havent created yet.
    Loves all forms of Art, such as poetry, song, and dance. She never underestimates the power of words, her rich voice could bring tears to even the most evil...

    Marhon Blatt Sturm (Blade Storm, German)
    (Human Male, 6' 3", 235lbs, Piercing Gray eyes, Chesnut Colored Hair)
    This is your archtypical ruggedly handsome rogue type with the square jaw and stubble. Has a thin scar across his chin. A skilled warrior who prefers using a two handed sword. Charming and witty, he loves to gamble, and has an uncanny luck for winning.

    Viele Estremamente Arme (Wheret Hekau)
    (Female Demon, 6' Tall, 800lbs 40' long. All Red eyes with black slit pupils, Black Hair, Green/Brown/Black coloring pattern, similar to a boa constrictor. ) Can alter her apperance to any humanoid type at will.
    A non-hostile Marilith demon who has been cast out of the underworld to live among mortals.
    Very skilled in melee combat while in her natural form. Sultry, Seductive, and thouroughly strange.
    Has some unkown agenda.

    Trothgharr Trennackk (called Ungah Bungah by his friends)
    (Male Troll, 7' 3" 535lbs. Black hair worn in a mowhawk. Covered in enchanted tribal tattoos. Elaborately engraved foretusks. Hazel eyes, Greenish skin. Built like a world class bodybuilder vs a typical fat troll)
    A rather menacing figure at first glance. Was raised by human foster parents, and taught how to fight and hunt by his foster siblings. Loves nothing more than completing an honest days work, and enjoying a hot afternoon meal. Slow to make friends and has few, but would readilly die for any of them. Has developed a prefrence for axes after spending long hours in the forest cutting wood with his family. Expert in shamanism, healing arts, and preparing herbal tonics and potions.
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