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A few more questions

Discussion in 'General questions about care.' started by Kailerie, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. Kailerie

    Kailerie Guest

    Calcium, is coral sand enough to give the needed calcium for crabs?
    ((i could just dive in anywhere and get some))

    How often should i give them food? i plan to use real food not anything commercial, besides here NO ONE gives a crap about hermit crabs = / so there's no hermit crab only store

    Edible Flowers for vitamin stuff? hmm i could easly find some kind of "that" flower, anything special i should know about it? they prefer it dead or so i just read about it...... anything else about vitamins?

    hmmm also im really woried about which kind of food give them, not too much from this , nothing from that, a lot of this, and how often,

    ((this has nothing to do with the topic but im gonna make an "eating" area instead of scatter it around the tank))
  2. gotcrabs

    gotcrabs Guest

    1. no. you should give them some cuttlebone too. you should always have more than 1 calcium source. sand dollars, calci sand, sea cookies, and starfish are a few favorites.

    2. well when i feed fresh foods i change it every day to prevent spoilage. but if i have dry food, i normally leave it in there for 2-3 days.

    3. vicki has dandelion delicacies in her store. they provide many of the needed vitamins. her store is the best store i have ever seen. that's where i get all of my food. prices are great too! check it out! hermitcrabaddictionstore.com

    4. once again i get all my food from the addiction. amazing products. click on the link with 3 hermies on it and the flashing EH sign. there is a list of edible items and non-edible items. i printed mine out so then i don't have to keep going online to find it ;-)

    let us know if you have any other ?'s!
  3. vckums

    vckums Moderator

    Dec 20, 2005
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    Thanks for the kind words! :straw:

    As for foods, they can eat pretty much what you eat but with no seasonings. They need proteins everyday. If you have chicken, cut a piece off before seasoning it, cook it and then let them have it. Any meat is ok, just plain or if you use one of the safe powders like rosehip, sea salt, shiitake mushroom powder etc. If you dont provide enough protein they can get aggressive towards one another and cannibalism could happen.

    Definately check out the safe and unsafe list. There's alot on there to choose from to feed the crabs.
  4. gotcrabs

    gotcrabs Guest

    u r very welcome vicki, it's true, they are amazing products!
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