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A curious development. Maybe a bizarre coincidence, maybe not?

Discussion in 'Discussions, Theories and Trial Ideas' started by dbolack, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. dbolack

    dbolack Guest

    We had a very rough winter. Very rough. We lost about half of our buddies in November due to our heater failing and the great deal of trouble it was to get fixed ( Cheap Landlord, not so competent handyman, Winter, and deer season starting ) It was so heart breaking my wife stopped looking in on the tanks, leaving my son and I to keep an eye on things. The heater never did work quite right. Things would have been much worse if it weren't for the Thermal Blanket tip. ( ANYONE WHO DOESN'T have these in their crab kit, get them! )

    Once things were more stable, we were able to get it a bit better, but the tanks stayed on the cool side, ( 68-74 ), crabs were active at night, but mostly hiding.

    It's finally warmed up here and stayed warmed up and I was brave enough to do a semi-count. ( I'm waiting to deep clean a little longer ) and low and behold, almost every single crab had *SHARP* toes. Which brings me to my question.

    When do they molt in the wild? Is there any possibility that the typical target temp range makes molting harder? I've never had a 30+ crab mass molt across two tanks before...
  2. green_sars24

    green_sars24 "Preparing For First Molt"

    Mar 3, 2008
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    Hmmm, that IS interesting! I just adopted a crab the other day. It was being kept alone in a 10G with no heat or moisture, and it looked pretty weak. Without heat, the tank's temp would have been around 65-68 F. Once I put it in my tank (78 F), it molted within hours. So, there's probably a temp where its too cold to molt. Also, maybe a temp change corresponds to something in the wild, like a change of seasons?
  3. momof4

    momof4 Guest

    I am unsure if this will help but here is my experience. I adopted a large group of crabs in Mar. 06 the first winter I was still using a uth only. The tank was kept wrapped but temp only stayed at 70-72 . I found that in Janurary9 we kept the house at 65-67) when the cold spell hit it dropped to 68-70 and the whole crew mass molted almost every crab in the tank buried and stayed buried untill March. I have lights and heaters on the sides now and I have not had a mass molt again this year though everyone has taken turns going down. Maybe it was warmer under the substrate? Maybe it was like a hibernation as well and as they really woke they molted? No clue but it is an interesting thought.
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