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3 molts, and a shell change..

Discussion in 'Say Cheese' started by counterfeitkiss, Oct 15, 2006.

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  1. So, 3 crabs have molted so far, but only 1 stays above the sand all day. Is this normal? the 4th hasnt been above the sand since sept 4th. it doesnt smell funky in their tank, so i assume he's ok. he has moved from the spot he was in for over a month, so i guess that means something.

    Here's Nigel. I have NO clue why he picked a shell that's like 5 times too big for him. silly boy.


    Here's the shell he had before:

  2. *Kathy*

    *Kathy* Guest

    They look just dapper!!! Congrats on the molts!

    Sometimes, following a molt, mine will come up to eat, drink & check things out. Then they will dig back down for hours or days....maybe for just a tad more stress-free solitude. :icon_smile:
  3. CrabbyChris22

    CrabbyChris22 Hi, I'm New Here!

    Dec 9, 2005
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    Montgomery Village, MD
    Yeah Counterfeitkiss, some stay down all day and some stay up a lot. They are really just their own crabs and do whatever they want to do. It's kind of like us, I mean, what IS normal? I have crabs I don't see for weeks, sometimes a month or more then they'll be up a day or two and back down for another couple of weeks. At least I won't see them for that amount of time. I have a couple that stay up all the time and maybe hide for a day or two and then come back out again.

    For yours and everyone else's info; if they die they don't always smell. I've had a couple die buried and I never knew it until I did a deep clean. I did know one died, I saw where it was buried and I knew it had but it never smelled. Other's smell the whole room up.
  4. Well, I assume he's not dead cus he moved. Unless one of the other wandering crabs pushed him somewhere else? I hope not :(
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